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Alyssa is a photographer in Honolulu! After mentoring with a couple of photographers in the area, she picked up a job as a newborn photographer in the hospital where she quickly gained client experience and sharpened her skills. Being around so many newborns have given her opportunities to do family shoots as well! Her favorite types of sessions are with couples! There is something about wildly in love couples that make working with them really fun! She loves to use prompts in her shoots so be prepared to giggle and have a movement filled session! Delivering authentic smiles and giggles feed her soul in a way that nothing else can!

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What do you love about your job?

I love that I get to capture that moment in someone's life! I'm getting to the point in my life where I have started to really appreciate all the pictures my mom and family used to take of us! Another thing that I love is when a session is in progress and my clients are having just as much fun as I am!

What types of shoots have you done and how did you make them special?

I have done a lot of hybrid home/newborn sessions! My trick on making them feel special is calming their baby down while just talking to them about how everything made them feel and how their pregnancy was! It makes them feel comfortable and makes them feel empowered because they realize all they went through with their pregnancy!

In my family sessions, I like to just let the session flow! I find that with children, they have to warm up to me first so I usually try talking to them as soon as I get into the door! I try to make them laugh, tell me about their favorite toys and ask them to show them to me! This most certainly gets the kids more excited to be in the pictures and shows their true selves! I'll have the parents come and do something fun with the kids so they can all interact in the pictures!

My couple sessions are a completely different situation! I do some poses but I mainly do prompts for them to do! I make sure its all about them, when they get really close and intimate I encourage it and make them laugh with some tickles or a joke. I like to do things with my couples that show their true personality while making it look really natural! I make them feel special by just being an invisible person with a shutter at their best times!

I've done some really fun concept shoots which have pushed my creative limits and also have empowered the women that I have taken pictures with! I try to pose them but also make them do prompts because it looks more natural and fluid!

A fun fact about this photographer

I studied nutrition at UH and ended up going and reclaiming my passion for photography when I graduated! & I was the shortest player in my volleyball team in club and high school!

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