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Ana María is a photographer who recently immigrated from Cartagena, Colombia with approximately 4 years of experience. She has worked with clients from all over the world and enjoys making their wishes come true. Throughout her career, she has learned the value of listening and clarifying her clients’ expectations and if needed providing guidance on body positioning/angles to illuminate and emphasize the naturality in the shots. While living is Cartagena, Ana garnered experience working with an eclectic array of clientele ranging from couples, families, models, influencers, enterprises, lifestyle portraits, weddings and engagement photoshoots. She is also fluent in English, Spanish, and French depending on which is most comfortable with the client.
Ana María is a very easygoing and intuitive person who shows her enthusiasm during and after the photoshoot, always making sure you are happy with the final product. Her positive energy and dynamism bring a lot of excitement and playfulness during her shoots. She is a visual lover as well, which means that she’s constantly improving her editing skills through advanced editing courses and seminars.

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What do you love about your job?

I love the human aspect of being a photographer. The fact that I’m creating art in collaboration with other people has become my muse. It makes it fun, motivating, challenging, and memorable. I enjoy the creative component of it as well, which allows me to add my essence to the ideas and personalities of various clients over the years.
In addition, I appreciate the diversity of people, along with their individualized requests and preferences. While initially listening to their ideas, I’m already developing excitement and imagining the possibilities that encompass their expectations. It’s also deeply rewarding to notice people feeling at ease with me, shining and having fun during our shoots. My love and passion for photography does not merely end with the photoshoot. The editing is also a profoundly stimulating process as well, one in which I can utilize an assortment of both acquired and natural talents with the ultimate intention of producing a final product that exceeds the expectations of my clients.

What types of shoots have you done and how did you make them special?

I have been contracted for a variety of photoshoots. Individual photoshoots, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, fashion, lifestyle, among others. Towards the end of my photography tenure in Cartagena I began working with Colombian and international models that earn a living on Instagram as influencers. I believe what separates my work from others centers on two connecting principles. The first is my prioritization of understanding what exactly the client wants, whether specific or vaguely in a general direction. Secondly, I believe that because I prioritize my clients’ desires, I can effectively individualize the photoshoots.
I believe my approach of bringing dynamic energy, constantly communicating with the client, and always thinking outside the box while remaining persistent will result in the photos people dream of, plus many more that hopefully exceed their expectations. I also thrive making people comfortable with my presence and indications. That involves developing rapport and trust so that the client can be themselves and remain immersed in the moment.

A fun fact about this photographer

My University degree is actually in linguistics with an emphasis on French. Over years of studying languages, I have obtained C1 level fluency in French and English with my native language being Spanish. Currently, I am studying German with has been the most challenging language to date. During my free time I love to draw, write, and paint. Some of my work is shared on social media and often based around various quotations that have inspired me throughout my life in order to help provide inspiration to others. My husband and I own two male Sphynx cats which have become our de facto children. One is named Loki after the Marvel series character played by Tom Hiddleston and the other named King Arthur due to his regal countenance and personality.

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