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Anthony has always been in love with the arts, in any form. He also has always had a passion for fashion and technology. He found himself in college for Digital Arts and Design but immediately wanted a DSLR to support his work as a graphic designer. He figured it would be great for creating textures and capturing stock photography. As Anthony played more and more, he started to find that he liked the physical interaction with photography that graphic design was not giving him. He started a relationship with Wilhelmina Models Miami and was shooting every weekend for them and quickly realized he had found his passion. His first career job out of college was as a Creative Trainer at Apple teaching pro photography software and photo classes while he freelanced on the side. Eventually he moved to New York City where he worked as an E-Commerce Photographer with Barneys New York before later becoming the Lead Photographer. He then moved on to Thrillist Media Group where he executed concept to creation photography for multi-million dollar campaigns. Anthony has done it all but ultimately wanted to come back to Miami and focus on his own business.

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Canon 1D-X Mark II


Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L | Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 | Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 | Sigma 180mm f/2.8 Macro



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More about Anthony H....

What do you love about your job?

I am a very personable and vocal person. I do believe that photographs tell a story and make a statement. They sell something. They make somebody crave something. Or they invoke an emotion of an amazing memory. Whatever it is that the picture tells, they have an intent. I find it a way that I can speak for eternity.

What types of shoots have you done and how did you make them special?

I find myself to be a very well versed photographer. I refuse to say I am a "portrait photographer" or a "product photographer." While I started with comp card portraits for modeling agencies, I quickly fell into product, e-commerce and food & drink. When I worked at Thrillist Media Group in integrated marketing I literally had to shoot for co-branded multi-million dollar campaigns. Events, product, food, drink, e-com, fashion, cars, everything you can imagine. I am highly flexible in my art. I've worked with clients like Diageo, Kia, Jaguar, TGI Friday's, Gillette, Bacardi, Grey Goose, Wild Turkey, Wilhelmina Models, Saint Laurent, Char-Broil, Sonicare, Budweiser, Nars Cosmetics and a slew of high fashion brands. I believe I make all of my shoots special by being extremely personable and excited for every project I have. I am open to collaboration, ideas and am able to create imagery that meets the vision of the brand while giving it my own artistic flare. I am very focused with my work and will tweak minor details in lighting and styling until I know I've achieved the perfect shot.

Awards, honors, and recognitions received

Best Co-Branded Content Campaign
Awarded to Thrillist x Budlight Mixxtails for the best co-branded content of any ad agency in 2015 AdWeek
Best Co-Branded Content Campaign

Awarded to JackThreads x GE campaign for the creation of the GE Moon Boot and the custom co-branded content accompanied by the launch AdWeek

Best Branded Content Partnerships
Awarded to JackThreads x GE campaign for the creation of the GE Moon Boot and the custom co-branded content accompanied by the launch AdvertisingAge

A fun fact about this photographer

I was once on an Embassy Row produced reality show and was definitely made out to be the eccentric one. Well, maybe I did that on my own.

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