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Coolty is a an artistic creative who is self-taught and worked in photography for 10+ years. He has a reputation of being professional and personable with a unique ability to communicate the desired impact with the visual stories he creates and contributes to.

He specializes in projects that are planned and produced to communicate a specific idea, whether that is developing a creative plan for a campaign with props or planning where the light will be for a natural light shoot outside of or within structures.

He has a educational background in engineering with masters degree in design that contributes to his ability to communicate stories about the form and function of structures and products.

Available for travel anywhere, he has been hired by a publications, federal government agencies, engineering/architecture firms, corporations, celebrities (current + up & coming) and mostly people who want to live (& remember) their best lives.

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What do you love about your job?

I love to help clients capture experiences and tell stories in an intentional manner. The stories we tell will continue to work when we aren't present and live much longer that we physically can.

Everyone should have the opportunity to do this in an epic manner. I'm here to make that happen.

What types of shoots have you done and how did you make them special?

Headshots (General): Whether corporate or personal, all of my clients feels like the cover story of life magazine and leave with a clear (& often heightened) sense of purpose due the consultation that we go through together.

Lifestyle (General): I have a number of clients who hire me with the interest of celebrating their birthdays. They are always impressed and appreciative of how interested I am in making sure we're not "just taking pictures", but having session that is specific for them, their style and results in printed product that will help them, their family, friends remember the experience for years to come.

Brand/Personal Narrative (Specific): I did a comprehensive media library collection for a prominent food NYC critic that showcased her in different boroughs of the city, enjoying food on her own and in the context of the people and community that makes the food and food experience what it is. She was integrated within the (unscripted) environment and isolated in a restaurant with pre-arranged dishes in sessions that showed both her and the food's personality.

Reportage (Specific): I was hired by a magazine to capture some imagery of a live musical performance and was unique as I was able to prepare some special lighting only for me without interfering with any other equipment and the show. The combination of that lighting with the locations and positions that I was able to get into made my images stand out from other photographers covering the show.

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A fun fact about this photographer

I always play music when I shoot. It sets the mood and energy level for the project and just contributes to the fun overall.

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