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Craig Richmond from Studio Lucé has a distinctly recognizable style: versatile, poetic, fresh and infused with dynamism and essence. As an internationally published professional photographer Craig works for and collaborates with esteemed and marque companies across a wide spectrum of industries and geographies.

Working as a professional photographer for the last 7 years, and photography assistant since 2005, Craig’s objective is to be a creative, innovative, visual storyteller. Each photographic session is meticulously planned with specific attention to the finer details, ensuring each is uniquely its own. For Your photographic session where you feel celebrated, or your products to hit the mark Craig is the creative genius behind our clients successful advertising and marketing campaigns. Knowing how competitive the business environment is, Craig creatively develops new concepts and layouts that fit the clients’ needs.

Graduating with bachelor’s degrees in fine arts and Media Arts, Craig has created a lot of still and moving images for globally recognized brands and has been featured in many print and online publications. His expertise combined skill, and professional drive, surpass each client’s prerequisites by producing outstanding commercial, lifestyle and artistic works.

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What do you love about your job?

I don’t have a job. I still wake up at early, my routine has not altered. Now however, I have clear direction to focus my passions of traveling and continuing expanding my knowledge and experience around the globe and more-so New Zealand and outlaying Islands. It is never a job when you love what you do.

What types of shoots have you done and how did you make them special?

With my career beginning as an assistant for 10 years I have been privileged to be given opportunities to practice and learn the nuances of many varied disciplines of photography.
Forensic photography and evidential photography are technically astute with strict procedures to retain formal integrity of the scene and environments.
Event and Sports photography throughout the World Championship Rounds and various events is about preparation and the ability to read the environmental factors and allowing providence to show its hand. Having a solid understanding of one’s equipment and ability ensures right place; right time is more recurrent and not blind luck.
Automotive and Commercial photography has numerous elements within technical, and environmental. Lighting and instant appreciation for the subject is the difference between a memorable and successful shoot and one that is soon forgotten.
Fashion and Culinary photographic images are cutting edge when it comes to thinking outside the box for visual feasting. When the brief calls for an imaginative visual flavor knowing what to leave out becomes just as important as what to bring into the image.
Photographing portraits and professional corporate headshots is a rapidly developing sub-genre within photography. Having captured many headshots for actors/performers/professionals and celebrities knowing physiological structure of the talent and technical nuances of lighting is key to capturing the essence of Who and What. No more front and center portraits thank you…we develop and encourage our clients to show who they really are.
Real Estate was a regular photographic contract undertaken through the Hamilton and Waipa Districts. Having worked with New Zealand’s top Franchise Agent while maintaining strict requirements for accurate and open dreams was the imperative prerequisite for the vendors and Sales Team. Real Estate and Architectural photography is a performance of art meets narrative. Understanding the investment and expectations are squarely in the hands of the photographer. Meticulous scenarios and preplanning are required for an immediately successful listing and having the equipment, foresight, and dexterity to capture the essence of the dwelling is a constant evolution.

Awards, honors, and recognitions received

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A fun fact about this photographer

I own an authentic Kilt from Scotland and I have a Studio Pup. A Miniature Schnauzer Toy Poodle Cross who believes the snack bowl is hers not the clients.

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