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David Rosenfield is a portrait, lifestyle, event and concert photographer based in the Albuquerque area of New Mexico. He has provided thousands of product photos for small, family-owned businesses, but his particular passion, and skill, lies in photographing people - in portraiture, on stage, or just living the moments of their lives. He has documented the music scene in Tampa, the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, families in New Mexico. He loves the art form of photography.

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What do you love about your job?

Sometime around our second trip to Puerto Rico as volunteers, after Maria tore up the island, I clarified this point in my mind - I believe it applies as much to photographing models, or a concert, or a mother playing with her children, as it does to witnessing world events, though these smaller pieces of our lives may not have the far-reaching impact of a hurricane, or a protest, or an election: as a photographer, my job is to record history as art. I could say “to make history beautiful” but history isn’t always. But I believe it can always be recorded aesthetically and powerfully through art, and that, combined with the written word, will make our lives and our history real to those who come after, in a way that dates and facts, maps and statistics, cannot do alone.
Vive la photographie.

What types of shoots have you done and how did you make them special?

I have done lifestyle shoots to showcase products such as baby carriers and jewelry. I really enjoy creating the shoot as a work of art - scouting the location and choosing the time of day, as well as just communicating with another person and capturing them beautifully. I am very friendly and easy to get along with, and I like to have you relaxed and natural while I photograph you. To me, it's more about placing you in a beautiful setting and capturing that series of moments, than having you hold a pose and smile for the camera.
For event and documentary photography, it's a whole different method - 95% of the time, I will blend into the background and capture events as aesthetically as possible without being particularly noticed, but sometimes I will take part in the action if needed to get the shot. I do prefer, in an event, party or performance setting, to let the action unfold around me and document it compellingly as the event progresses.

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I am a singer/songwriter and in 2011/2012, I toured around the US in an RV powered by used veggie oil, with my wife and three young children. We lived in Florida at the time, but I actually played a couple shows in Albuquerque that winter - that was my first experience with this area, with no idea I would someday live here.

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