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Gary has twenty years experience in a variety of photography niches. This is due to his time as a photographer and multi media specialist for the US Navy. He photographed ceremonies overseas, investigations with NCIS, ran three government studios in Florida, and left the Navy as a photo and publication editor for a military engineering firm in Washington DC. Out of government service, he maintained a wedding photography business in Jacksonville, Florida shooting over a hundred weddings, portraits, and family events part time from the US Navy.

Gary no longer shoots weddings, as he found his passion and a continued love of service by supporting business small and commercial for their photography and content needs in today’s digital landscape. You will notice he has a love affair with food, thus the amount of food and product photography you see in his gallery. He understands the need for good content and imagery to tell your brands story, from products, services, to you the creator and owner.

Gary is sought out by his photographer peers as a coach for their artificial and studio lighting needs in both still life images and portraiture. Gary’s purpose isn’t really just to wield a camera and take a cool picture, it’s to help you sell the magic of your brand’s story.

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What do you love about your job?

My favorite part about being a commercial photographer, the position itself, it’s a symbol to me and an awesome reminder that I’m doing what I want to do professionally. Living life by my terms - I love that. For clients such as you that I hope to work with, knowing that I can help those that want to be helped - I love that.

What types of shoots have you done and how did you make them special?

One of my favorite shoots was something I made up on a whim and shot in my studio at home for a client. It was the out of the box thinking I believe is what made it work so well. My client owns an Italian restaurant that serves American food as well, you can say Italian-American. They wanted to make a Fourth of July Special announcement but didn’t want it to be tacky like a US flag sticking out of pasta. I have spaghetti sitting upright in a container in my kitchen and always noticed the spiral or burst shape it makes when looking at it from a overhead viewpoint. It was then I realized it reminded me of fireworks. Imagine it, hold dry spaghetti in your hand, fan it out into a circle, look down over it, stand by a bright window and light it on just one side, and now you have a firework explosion made out of spaghetti.

I took that idea to my studio, I didn’t need to go to the restaurant to do this, I arranged three “fireworks” and scatted sesame seed to make sparks, all over a black surface. This created a fireworks at night scene made entirely out of uncooked spaghetti. We now had a classy Fourth of July post for an Italian-American restaurant.

A fun fact about this photographer

In the military, I submitted to go to a photography workshop to receive mentorship from some of the best in the field at the time. Photographers from Newsweek to National Geographic attended to facilitate the course. I received mentorship directly from the a Newsweek photo editor where she guided me through my story I was telling about the Maryland Department of Corrections. You know what? Did this day I still put myself in uncomfortable situations for the sake of learning.

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