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Jason Michael Felix is a professional photographer that has been working in Southern California for the past 6 years. Over that time he has shot with a wide variety of brands and people from all walks of life. He realized early on that the best way to learn and master his craft was to go out there and do it. While many others around him buried themselves in books he went out to shoot. Over the years he has had the ability to understand that each shoot is different and needs it own style.

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Nikon D7200


Nikon 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6 | Nikon 40mm f/2.8 | Nikon 50mm f/1.4






More about Jason F....

What do you love about your job?

I love capturing moment that other people with often pass by. Whether I am shooting a wholesome family portrait and a high fashion magazine editorial. I love looking for what interest me the most about the photo. I also enjoy being able to convey emotion to the person looking at the photos. The ability to bring you right back to the moment when the photo was taken is why I do what I do!

What types of shoots have you done and how did you make them special?

As I said before, I have shot with people from all walks of life! I have done not only newborn babies and also elderly people. I have shot for small hometown brands but also larger corporations. There is something to be learned from every single shoot. I love being able to create a comfortable environment for the model/models by making jokes and and talking openly with them about awkward it is to get your picture taken, with that im usually able to build a level of trust with the models.

Awards, honors, and recognitions received

I have had a article written about me and my photography or Qeerty.com.

A fun fact about this photographer

If I was not shooting portrait work I would either be working in Documentary Film or I would try my hand at being a Comedian. My fear is I'm gonna find out I'm not actually as funny as I think I am!

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