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I've been a photo hobbyist all my life, and about twenty years ago, bought a kit of top quality Nikon bodies and lenses, Profoto lights, and an assortment of stands and modifiers, and the bags to move it all about for location work. Shortly thereafter, we moved to Western Australia, where I determined there was an opportunity to help the local wine and food industries with high quality shots for their web sites and marketing materials. With patience, determination, and a work ethic that included only delivering the highest quality work combined with consistent customer service, the business grew. Six months ago, I realized that our travels would not allow me to properly serve the many customers who had come to rely on my presence for their needs, and identified a terrific veteran shooter who wanted to return to the business after the initial phases of raising her family, and after showing her everything I did and personally introducing her to all of my key clients, we agreed on a transaction.

While predominantly self-taught, along the way I took workshops in Santa Fe, at the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, and mentored with commercial photographer icon Arthur Meyerson, Photoshop guru Mac Holbert, and Magnum photographer Bruno Barbey. Throughout, I've always known that I love taking pictures -- for my own pleasure first, but also to help businesses tell their stories with compelling and notable images.

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What do you love about your job?

I love sharing beauty, an unusual perspective on an otherwise common sight, and capturing simple and elegant food dishes and product labels at in a way that makes them look their best. I feel it's this view of my photography that inspires me in all aspects of my life.

What types of shoots have you done and how did you make them special?

I've done several extensive shoots for a bakery client, working with their kitchen team, their marketing director, and a very talented food stylist to create some iconic images they're used on billboards, menu boards, their truck fleet, and social media. My approach was to shoot every product and setup in at least two ways -- as a wide shot leaving plenty of "air" for type or other cropping needs, and then again as at least one tight close up to feature details in the same way as a customer would see them on the way to their mouths.

Awards, honors, and recognitions received

My recognition has come from my clients and their testimonials, many of which are on one or both of the sites that I created for my business: www.Bottleshots.com.au, and www.HeifetzPhotography.com.

A fun fact about this photographer

In the past ten years, we've become great fans of Brian Wilson (founding member and creative force behind The Beach Boys), travelling to many locations for his appearances, and becoming friends with the members of his band. With one of the guitar players, I've created a series of photos of him doing acrobatic leaps in various parts of the world that's become rather popular with other fans of the band.

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