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Lelian is a seasoned photographer, with over 18 years of experience within the industry.

Aside from acquiring the necessary skillset that is highly desirable to a photographer (such as lighting, directing, composing and styling to name a few), she also has a passion for capturing the beauty people.

Her love for people runs high, so much so that she has taken up studies at Griffith University and is currently completing her degree in counselling.

Lelian believes in empowering people from all walks of life and her passion for mental health has seen her acquire transferable people skills that has benefited her communication skills within her photography career.

So if you are looking for someone who is highly experienced, compassionate, knowledgeable, adaptable, great at listening and meeting your needs, then Lelian is your go-to photographer.

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More about Lelian Z....

What do you love about your job?

I am OBSESSED with capturing people!!!

I believe that everyone has a story that is waiting to be heard and to be told...

Stories about what makes each individual's life journey unique and how it's attributed to making them who they are today.

But most of all, I like capturing people in a way which they haven't dared to see themselves before.

I remember this one time I was photographing a client who was a little apprehensive at first, resistant even.

And it wasn't until he got the results from the images - he was able to "SEE" himself in a different light for the first time.

He was quite surprised as he did not recognize the face staring back at him.
"That's me!?" he asked in disbelief.

And let me tell you-his strut?
I've never seen him walk with so much confidence before! LOL!

The common pattern I've witnessed in people is that we ALWAYS tend to be our harshest critic (myself included).

Until someone else comes into the picture and shines a light on their perspective in how they see us, it's not until THEN that we then view ourselves from a different lens.

And THIS is EXACTLY what I LOVE about my job as a photographer-capturing beauty in ALL people.

What types of shoots have you done and how did you make them special?

I've photographed fashion, portraits, events, wedding, christenings, engagements etc!

You name it, I've probably shot it!

But-what makes each and every single occasion unique is how special that moment is to the client. The time + dedication it has taken that event to transpire would have required so much effort, and that alone is worth celebrating.

A fun fact about this photographer

I'm currently getting my degree in Counselling, I've lived in London for 2 years and have considered myself to be a bit of wonderer.

I'm sure there's more appealing facts buried in there somewhere lol

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