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As a seasoned photographer, Nasrina has honed their craft through diverse projects spanning portrait, wedding, and engagement photography. Their training includes extensive workshops and courses, enhancing their skills and techniques. Their passion for capturing the beauty and emotion in everyday moments drives their creative process. They thrive on the challenge of telling compelling stories through their lens, constantly seeking new perspectives to elevate their art. Photography is not just their profession; it's their lifelong passion.

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Canon eos r6


Canon rf 24 24-70mm f/2.8l ii usm




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What do you love about your job?

What I love most about my job is the opportunity to capture meaningful moments and evoke emotions through my photography. Whether it's a candid smile, a tender embrace, or a breathtaking landscape, I thrive on the ability to freeze these fleeting moments in time and create images that resonate with people. There's a sense of fulfillment in knowing that my work can bring joy, evoke nostalgia, or even inspire others.

Additionally, I appreciate the creative freedom and endless possibilities that come with photography. Every project is a new adventure, presenting unique challenges and opportunities for artistic expression. Whether I'm photographing a wedding, a portrait session, or a travel assignment, I love the thrill of pushing boundaries, experimenting with different techniques, and capturing the beauty of the world through my lens.

Ultimately, what I love most about my job is the ability to combine my passion for photography with the opportunity to connect with people and create lasting memories. It's a privilege to be entrusted with capturing special moments in people's lives, and I cherish the relationships I build with clients and collaborators along the way.

What types of shoots have you done and how did you make them special?

Throughout my photography career, I've had the privilege of working on various types of shoots, each presenting its own unique set of challenges and opportunities for creativity. Here's how I've approached some of these special shoots:

Weddings are a cornerstone of my portfolio, and I approach each one with a deep sense of respect for the significance of the occasion. To make these shoots special, I prioritize building a strong rapport with the couple before the big day, understanding their vision, preferences, and the story they want to tell through their wedding photos. On the day itself, I strive to blend into the background as much as possible, capturing candid moments and genuine emotions while also orchestrating beautifully composed portraits when needed. I pay close attention to detail, ensuring that no fleeting moment goes unnoticed and that the couple's love story is authentically reflected in every image.

Engagement shoots offer a more intimate opportunity to capture the connection and chemistry between a couple before their wedding day. To make these shoots special, I scout unique locations that hold personal significance to the couple or offer stunning backdrops that complement their style. I encourage them to relax, be themselves, and enjoy the experience while I document their love story in a relaxed and natural setting. By creating a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere, I'm able to capture genuine moments of affection and create images that reflect the couple's personalities and relationship dynamics.

Portrait photography allows me to focus on capturing the individual essence and personality of my subjects. Whether it's a family portrait, a senior portrait, or a professional headshot, I aim to make each shoot special by establishing a connection with my subject and creating a relaxed and comfortable environment. I take the time to understand their preferences, guiding them through poses and expressions that highlight their best features while also capturing their authentic self. I pay attention to lighting, composition, and styling to create portraits that are not only visually striking but also meaningful and timeless.

Boudoir photography is all about celebrating confidence, beauty, and self-love. To make these shoots special, I prioritize creating a safe and empowering environment where my clients feel comfortable expressing themselves freely. I work closely with them to choose flattering poses, outfits, and settings that accentuate their unique beauty and personality. I focus on capturing sensual and intimate moments while also ensuring that the images remain tasteful and empowering. By fostering trust and open communication, I'm able to create boudoir images that make my clients feel confident, beautiful, and empowered.

In each of these types of shoots, my goal is to go beyond simply taking photographs and instead create a memorable and meaningful experience for my clients. By combining technical expertise with a personal touch, I strive to capture moments that tell stories, evoke emotions, and create lasting memories that my clients will cherish for years to come.

Awards, honors, and recognitions received

While I haven't received any formal awards or honors for my photography, I've been fortunate to have my work featured in various online and print publications, as well as exhibited in local galleries. Additionally, I've received positive feedback and recognition from clients and peers, which is always deeply rewarding.

A fun fact about this photographer

A fun fact about me is that I'm an avid traveler and have explored over 3 continents, always with my camera in hand to capture the beauty and diversity of each destination. I also have a degree in Chemical Engineering!

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