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Sean Carline is an International photographer who brings exceptional knowledge and enthusiasm to every photo shoot. Committed to delivering promised results and remaining true to a unique artistic vision. He has been shooting professionally for 10+ years. Prior to that, he worked as a graphic designer. Even from a young age, he had a fascination with photographs. Why make photos or be a photographer? For him, it is to experience the world in a more connected, conscious, and appreciative way. Photography is an experience of looking at images and feeling a sense of gratitude, awe, inspiration, or emotional change. Also, photography is an experience of interacting with the world differently. For Sean, photography encourages him to wander, to explore, to look around, and talk to strangers. Photography is a creative outlet for him. Instant paintings. Instant art. Making photos makes his spirit feel uplifted. Taking photos helps him make social commentary and critique, which he hopes changes the hearts and minds of others in a positive way. Ultimately, he considers photography as a form of experiencing life in a much richer, vivid, and beautiful way. Photography is like salt, pepper, butter, and garlic for everyday living. He loves life, photography, and you.

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What do you love about your job?

Because I want to tell stories that can only be effectively conveyed through pictures. Because there is power in images. Power to move hearts, to sway emotions, to make changes. The opportunity to create art and allow someone else to perceive the imagery in their own imagination. I enjoy the interactions with others who enjoy the creative process as well. And also because it can also serve as a statement of myself. A testament of everything I've witnessed, happy laughs or desperate cries, newborn babies or passing lives, from the most mundane to the most amazing things. Everything. And also because it's a never-ending learning process. It always has so many tricks in its sleeve that nobody can possibly master all of its secrets. Always challenging. Through photography I've learned - and still learning - many things, from lighting, photoshop, lightroom even electronics. And then it also provides me with means to learn to analyze and understand history, psychology, sociology and many more. Moreover, it gives choices: One can learn photography only from its technical aspects, or choose to learn it only from its artistical ones. Or both.

What types of shoots have you done and how did you make them special?

I have covered many types of shoots but one specific that stands out is a food photography shoot. Going the extra mile to me is important. I always make sure to have stunning props that compliment each dish. I also pay great attention to detail that all the utensils and plating are clean and well lit. I know how to bring the focus to the main dish which is also very important.

Awards, honors, and recognitions received

I have won a few web-based contest.

A fun fact about this photographer

I met my wife on Instagram after seeing her photography and liking all her pictures.

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