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I'm a passionate creative visual artist called πŸ’«SkyπŸ’« from a beach in England called Brighton! I am also a professionally trained & deployed British Government & medical niche photojournalist since 2014. This means I am excellent & trying to tell YOUR story with my lens...

Portrait, lifestyle, lifestyle product, and event photography are some of my specialties and I probably have almost 300 5 star reviews based on these genres.

Indeed, in 2020, I was published in the iconic Rolling Stone Magazine:


β†’211 5πŸ’« Google


🌟Rolling Stone Magazine Published - others too such as Business Insider
🌟Elite photojournalist capturing every element of a story
🌟Medical and Surgical photographer and Videographer
🌟Shoot for brands such as Johnson & Johnson (9 shoots in 2020 and 4 video commercials) -
🌟More than 300 5 star reviews away from Snappr
🌟Own boutique production company since 2014.


πŸ’« I AIM TO β€œWOW” ALL CLIENTS with a few special color-graded photo edits: I'm extremely passionate about my photos & videos & I work really hard beyond what I'm paid to do to make photos come to life after a shoot.
πŸ’«I will always aim to have fun with you
πŸ’«Shoot you with a trained cinematographer's eye - often clients think their photos look like stills in a movie
πŸ’«Natural Light/Location Expert. I'm often asked to shoot on location in natural light, documentary, or "magazine-style"
πŸ’«Shoot on a top Canon 5D mark 4 & cinema lenses
πŸ’«Have shot for 3 Governments: British, Montserrat, Qatar - tried & tested in the most intense environments- so your shoot should not be a problem!
πŸ’«I particularly love shooting different cultures & have been shooting festivals in Bali and India as well as Jewish iconic celebrations, weddings, and festivals. I also support the LGBT community and strive to shoot magical moments.
πŸ’«Huge diverse experience; photography varied clients including destination weddings, pets & their owners, top actors, to models & surgeons in USA & Europe or even food - it’s all my pleasure to capture!
πŸ’« Making videos for businesses and people since 2003
πŸ’«Shooting charities such as medical and surgical overseas missions and surgical operations since 2018
πŸ’«Google: Unicorn Productions L.A Photography & Film - and you can read what people have to say

Let’s have some fun! Due to Covid, I tend not to accept 30-minute shoots to limit exposure vs risk. I also don’t take kindly to rude people and will not tolerate this.

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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV | karma drone


Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 | Canon 50mm f/1.2 | Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 | Canon 400mm f/2.8