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Stamati Boundouris is a photographer born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Stamati started his journey in photography about 8 years ago and has not looked back since. He is a full-time freelance photographer with years of knowledge and passion. His company specializes in events like weddings and such. Being that Stamati has a passion for art and creativity, he never wanted to limit his capabilities behind the camera. Along with thousands of events under his belt Stamati has also been contracted to shoot automobiles, food, clothing, shoes, products of all kinds, architecture, real estate, even newborns! Wherever he finds the opportunity to express himself and develop his craft.

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More about Stamati B....

What do you love about your job?

What I love most about what I do is the relationship and connection you can create through an image. It's having the ability to capture a moment in time the way you deemed appropriate based on thousands upon thousands of variables and details going on in ones head; then presenting that moment to another person who has absolutely no insight into how or why you captured this moment the way you did but you form that connection as the person reads deeper into your image. Basically, what I love most is that this all happens in split seconds without us realizing it and there is no real way to describe it all but yet it makes sense. That is the power of photography and it is what I love most.

And that sound when the shutter clicks on every pic, thats a close second :)

What types of shoots have you done and how did you make them special?

What might be some of the most fun shoots I have ever done are what have come to be called "Cake Smashes"
If you haven't had the pleasure of experiencing one it's basically how it sounds. To celebrate the baby turning 1 we do a studio style setup with some balloons and decorations, we then place a beautiful cake covered in icing in front of the baby and we let the rest take care of itself. It is truly a spectacle watching the baby devour the cake and get messy! Sometimes, however, babies tend to get fussy when it comes time to dig into the cake. They are tentative and perhaps a bit nervous with lighting set up all over and a stranger with a camera in their face. When I see the baby getting timid I sometimes take some icing with my finger and put it on my nose or my cheeks and make some silly faces to get the baby comfy with the situation, letting them see that it's ok to get a little messy. Lots of times we get the parents to do the same and the baby usually follows along and it becomes a very silly and very fun experience!

Awards, honors, and recognitions received

My mom says my work is amazing! :)

A fun fact about this photographer

I played soccer from birth practically. I was the goal keeper and before photography this was my greatest passion. In my high school days I was voted as the best goalie in the city throughout all the high schools in New York

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