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Tony is a friendly, creative, and outgoing Bay Area Photographer who specializes in portraits, events, engagement, wedding, landscape, urban, and real estate photography. He is very passionate about getting creative with his shots and making sure his clients are very comfortable during the shoot as well as overjoyed with the outcome. Depending on the type of shoot it is, Tony can do an array of shoots from professional to artsy style photos.

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What do you love about your job?

I was born and raised in the Bay Area, California. By definition, a photographer is: “A person who takes photography, especially as a job”. So how do I separate myself as somebody more than just a guy with a DSLR? Well, photography delves much deeper than just snapping nice looking shots; when I take a picture, I do my best to encapsulate a memory. Being in the moment is something I take pride in - whether it’s doing yoga, meditating, or even performing as a DJ, I’ve always found a way to enjoy life at it’s fullest when I stay present in the moment. Being a photographer has allowed me to do just that, and even tested my ability to do so. Those countless hours I’ve spent behind a tripod just waiting for the right amount of cars to drive by for long exposures, or the wind to finally settle down for a portrait, pushed me to appreciate every second I put into getting the perfect image. As annoying as these things can be to others, they’re nuances in photography that bring me both a fulfilling, and therapeutic experience. Because whether it’s in a lotus position, or it’s in a bustling street of speeding cars, I find a way to reach inner peace. In a way, photography has embedded itself into my life to manifest itself into something much more than a hobby. As a man, I pride myself on living with no regrets, loving with no boundaries, being kind as often as possible, judging less, holding no anger, and always being grateful for the life that has been given to us all. When I pick up that camera, I treat every shoot with the same tenacity, spontaneity, passion, and zen that I treat life as.

What types of shoots have you done and how did you make them special?

I have done many engagement, wedding, and portrait shoots. What I like to do is have a nice conversation with the person/persons before the shoot starts so I can get to know them better which helps my clients to feel more comfortable and gives me a better idea of how they would like to pose. As long as the environment allows it, I always have a portable speaker with me and will play music that they enjoy so they have more fun with the shoot. I have also done event and real estate shoots. With these shoots, there are usually a lot of props and open areas where I can use my creativity. I pride myself on having a very quick turn around on editing and sending in the photos. All of my edits have been turned into my clients in less than a week's time.

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A fun fact about this photographer

Not only am I a photographer full time, but I am also a DJ as well. I mostly DJ at clubs and play house music, trance, and techno. I started out as a R&B, hip-hop, reggae DJ and will still play this type of music but only for private events like weddings, birthdays, and corporate. My DJ career started over 10 years ago and I have played in some of the biggest clubs and festivals all over the bay area, LA, and Las Vegas.

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