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Daniel has been a photographer for 17 years, photographing food, faces, families, events-professional and social. In that time he has developed that knack for two things- how to drill down to what a client wants for a picture, and how to make every client at ease in the process.
Learning at the feet of one of the best wedding photographers in Washington DC meant, learning how to edit, interact, and plan logistically the least noticed parts of any photo session, going back for a degree in photography made the technical details of how all photography works plain and second nature, There are few things more satisfying to Daniel than to know that one of his photographs is on a wall in a home, or in a book, to be enjoyed, and treasured as a singular piece of time that creates an "emotional context" wherein the viewer is transported to the moment.

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What do you love about your job?

Loving the job is about loving that someone else is impressed with what you see, and the way you see it. When that last picture of a favored relative is the one you took, when it goes underneath the earth to be buried with them...yes, knowing that the job matters to so many regardless of notoriety, that's what there is to love about the job, that what you do, matters not just as a moment that is pretty or scary, but that you create a moment of history

What types of shoots have you done and how did you make them special?

Family, Food, Portraits, Events, Product, these aren't that different from what anyone else does, but what I do is bring a high energy level to the session, that kind of involvement brings people to being a part, whether they are the subjects, or are providing the subject, and it's the same with product photography, because, at the deep down, there is a person who made that product that they want the world to see, they have an idea, and engaging them to bring out that idea is simply what I do better than anybody else

Awards, honors, and recognitions received

I've been recognized in the knot and wedding wire for multiple years, my "groomsmen in super hero t-shirts" is the most viewed groomsmen related image across the web and was used in a documentary about super heroes.
I tend to pay little attention to any accolade other than clients referring me to other people needing their images done.

A fun fact about this photographer

I design and build my own furniture from the Shaker period.
As a food and wine, and travel photographer, I've made countless connections with vineyards in Italy, France and I can tell you all about the stories of the vineyards when I walk through a wine shop and see a bottle from a friends vineyard

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