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Joseph is a successful and well-respected real estate photographer with over 10 years of industry experience. Capturing a diverse range of properties across Melbourne, he has partnered with leading real estate agents to help elevate their property marketing campaigns and to achieve the best results for their valued clients.

In 2011, Joseph launched his professional career at a real estate media company. Here he gained invaluable experience and knowledge which saw him land a pivotal role in 2013 as an Internal Photographer for a real estate agency. Today, he is the Co-Founder and Head Photographer for Property Xposed, a media company offering premium real estate marketing services.

Having worked for both a real estate media company and a real estate agency, Joseph has acquired a unique set of skills enabling him to optimise the aspirational and selling power of his photos. Armed with an in-depth understanding of angles, lighting and focal points, he has mastered the art of property photography as demonstrated by his broad portfolio of Melbourne homes.

Joseph’s background and interest in architecture and design, combined with his unwavering passion for photography have paved the way for a thriving and fulfilling career that he enjoys to this day.

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Canon EOS R | Canon EOS R6 Mark II


Canon 16-35mm f/4 | Canon 17mm f/4 | Canon 24-70mm f/2.8


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What do you love about your job?

In a very competitive market, driven by emotions and aspirations, I play an integral part in people’s hopes and dreams. My carefully crafted photos help owners maximise their home’s value and they create desire amongst the most astute buyers. Professional photography alongside expertly staged interiors are the most cost-effective and proven successful real estate marketing tools, so I feel fortunate to be an essential piece of this jigsaw.

Real estate photography satisfies my curious nature by giving me the unique privilege of setting foot inside some of Melbourne’s most interesting properties and it gives me permission to explore an individual’s private world. Each job is different, equally exciting and always a process of discovery.

What types of shoots have you done and how did you make them special?

Over the last 10 years of my professional career, I have photographed more than 2000 residential properties, helping real estate agents achieve fantastic sales results for their vendors. Each job is unique and deserving of my unwavering attention and care. I am methodical in my approach, creative in my execution, and I treat each home like my own.

Prior to picking up the camera, I will do a walk through to get a sense of space, identify distinctive angles and consider different perspectives. Most importantly, I assess light, a highly critical factor of photography. Glare, shadowing and overall light levels will have a huge impact on the quality, mood and feel. In my experience, whilst some properties may benefit from the golden hour, others will look better when there is more available light in the evening. I also use light as a time management tool, prioritising the shoot schedule according to the sun’s direction and flow in each room.

To create more exaggerated angles with very minimal lens distortion, my equipment of choice is the Canon 17mm TSE lens. At times I will need to draw attention to the main subject, so I keep my composition clear and precise, remove all unnecessary clutter and meticulously organise every element within the scene. Photography is the art of storytelling, taking the audience through a visual journey made up of feature images alongside a series of detailed shots.

A fun fact about this photographer

When I was in high school, I was an active scout. I participated in a wide array of activities that taught me very important life skills. Scouts gave me opportunities to make friends outside of my school and I even got to travel to a different state for a Scout Jamboree. Scout Jamborees are events where many scouts from all over the world come together to camp and do fun activities like obstacle courses and abseiling. Being a scout, I also had to learn how to setup my own tent, start a fire and cook outdoors which are all very important outdoor skills to have, even as an adult today.

Eventually, I was promoted to scout patrol leader, so I had to make important decisions, set crucial goals and be accountable for my patrol. We learned to depend on each other to succeed in the physical and mental challenges we were facing. As I acquired more skills, I became more independent and developed habits towards self- confidence. Consequently, I am able to make critical decisions for myself and pursue my goals in life early on, scouts have got me to where I am today.

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