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Terance is a young photographer/cinematographer, who has recently finished his Bachelor Of Communications (Media) degree at RMIT.
Terance is based in Melbourne and loves to capture moments in both photos and videos. Terance's is still looking for his own specific "style." But Terance loves particular lighting setups, colour schemes, sound designs, environments and camera settings.

His experience comes from his university classes and lectures, which are practised in multiple projects for university assignments. He produces both videos and photos for The Clique Online Media. Lastly creating photos and videos for the Cycle House Racing team.

Terance has trained his ability throughout his degree, learning from experienced tutors. As well as working for his own pleasure and to Youtube.

Terance's "passion" for photography/cinematography stems from being determined and dedicated to creating stories. Terance is a storyteller and loves to use his camera to do that. Terance believes a good story is a way to a person's heart.
He has an urge to capture moments and be able to tell a story within those images. Images are fantastic in sharing a perspective and a glimpse of history.
Lastly, Terance loves to build a world within the images he creates. He believes great photographers are able to create worlds within their images.

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What do you love about your job?

Every project is different, there is no textbook that can give you all the answers. There are rules but every movie or image that is "great" doesn't always follow the 'rules.' It is up to the photographer can create a world.

If a photographer followed all the 'rules' they would never take a photo. That's why I love it, you can be free to do whatever is needed for each scene.

There is so much problem solving required, and being able to work within the environment and brief constraints.

I love the creative process, from planning and executing the final image. The storyboarding, the shooting and the editing of the photos.

What types of shoots have you done and how did you make them special?

I have done lots of university assignments, my favourite assignment was completed last year. Unfortunately, It was completed in the coronavirus lockdowns. So it wasn't in some outlandish setting, nor with an amazing cast of actors, nor did I have a tutor look over my shoulder. It was at home, and I was filming a video portrait of my dog Bella. A very disobedient rescue dog who hates the sound of a camera.
I captured great looking shots that incorporated different photography styles.
But what made it special was that I spent 10 minutes for every 10-second shot. As I had to slowly ease my way to Bella the dog. As any wrong sound from the camera and she would run.

Awards, honors, and recognitions received

The highest honour I have received are distinctions and High distinctions in my university projects.

A fun fact about this photographer

I used to use Autofocus and auto settings all the time because I had no idea how to use a camera, it was very daunting. But 4 years later, I only use the manual settings.

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