The Secret to Hypergrowth for Two-Sided Marketplaces

Auto mechanic marketplace Autoguru uses Snappr to improve the quality of the profile pictures on their listings, and sees sales jump as a result.

At AutoGuru we champion our automotive workshops and hard-working mechanics as the heroes they are. While some are more camera shy than others, nothing says welcome like a big warm smile.

We introduce our customers to the car servicing experience by showing the mechanics who will be attending to their much-loved vehicle. There's a lot of trust when a customer hands over their car keys to the mechanic so we want to ensure they not only have peace of mind but have the best possible experience.

A couple of years ago, the workshop images that were being displayed on profiles weren’t the greatest. Some were Google street view images, some were dimly lit businesses with no sign of life, some didn’t even put up photos, but rather their business cards.

Inspired by the Airbnb case study, we decided to organize professional photography for our preferred partner mechanics to not only enhance the aesthetic value but also to give the mechanics a chance to shine in their own right.

AirBnb saw a massive increase in bookings shortly after contracting a crew of freelance photographers.

In the last 6 months we have arranged professional photo shoots using Snappr for over 200 workshops. With the exponential growth of workshops on AutoGuru, we’re preparing for another 800+ photo shoots all within the next few of months.

Since we have updated the photos to the workshop profiles, the results have spoken for themselves. We have seen an increase in click-through rates and bookings. One workshop had only 23 bookings between 2016- 2017; their professional photos were uploaded mid-September 2017, and since then has had 46 bookings (September 2017 – March 2018). These are incredible results and we look forward to assisting our expanding network with ways that will benefit their business.

Have a look at our before and after photos below!

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Brendan B

Designer at Autoguru