Top 5 Beautiful Places for Landscape Photography in Perth

Whether you're visiting Perth or live there, you should grab your camera today and check out these great spots nearby for landscape photography!

Perth in Australia is pretty as picture. Whether you are looking for that perfect photo for the family or make a holiday album. Perth has no shortage of beautiful places for landscape snaps. The best time to take pictures is at either sunrise or sunset. Here are some of the five best places as rated by expert photographers. 

The Kings Park

This is the number one destination for both locals and tourists in Perth. This is ideal for shots of the Perth city skyline. The aerial view gives a sweeping panoramic view over the city – from the Swan River to the Darling Ranges in the background. 

It’s a popular destination for landscape photographers. This massive park with a myriad of different plants and birds is popular during spring when the plants begin to flower. Kings Park is 4.06 square kilometers land situated on the western edge of the CBD in Perth. The land is a combination of botanical gardens, grassed parkland and natural bushes on Mt. Eliza. Two thirds of the park is conserved as native forest land.

Lake Monger

This is a huge area with a lot of awesome photographic opportunities for any creative photographer. It boasts of a classic landscape that is home to Perth’s iconic black swans. You can see the city from a distance.

Lake Monger has been grouped with Lake Sutherland and the Georgian Lake which are located near Mitchell Freeway which is close to Newcastle and Sutherland streets. It also neighbors Herdsman Lake. Together, the entire region forms what is called The Great Lakes District. The settlement of the Europeans in this region led to lots of wetlands. 

John Oldham Park

John Oldham Park is placed between the city and the Kings Park. While this landscape site is located in a central area it’s not as popular as the other parks in Perth. The Park is blessed with a stunning waterfall and is home to a huge variety of butterflies and birds and turtles.

The first thing a landscape photographer notices is the lake and the waterfall set in a green surrounding, with the beautiful city in the background.  John Oldham Park is situated around the Narrows Interchange Park-lands, which were created in the year 1959 where the government reclaimed about 24 hectares of land from Mt. Bay. 

Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach is perhaps the most known beach in the whole of Perth. It’s a get landscape photograph location during sunset where you can capture the iconic images of the Indiana and Groin Tea Rooms.

This piece of lands has pure white sand that stretches for more than one kilometer. It’s a popular tourist site for water sports like surfing, snorkeling and swimming. For many years West Australians have spent most of their summer holidays diving into the Indian Ocean from the floating bell which is just offshore. You can capture the sunset over this great ocean.

Scarborough Beach

This is another great beach location that is popular for tourists and surfers. This location has variety of great photographic opportunities. However, there are some construction projects that may minimize access to some great locations – but a creative photographer can do something about it.

 Scarborough Beach can be described as a coastal suburb located about 14 kilometers Northwest of Perth. It is in the area of Stirling local government. This great location was named after the famous English beach resort called Scarborough of North Yorkshire. 

Adam Griffith

Marketing Manager