Top 5 Beautiful Venue for Outdoor Parties in San Francisco

Next time you're visiting San Francisco (okay fine, locals too) you should check out these outdoor party locations for super photogenic picnics.

Going about the Bay Area, you can see a huge variety of beautiful things happening all at once. From the wide selection of inspiring architecture to the entertaining street performances, San Francisco is an eclectic city that offers so much! It’s really a shame to spend your days indoors. To maximize everything that this bustling beautiful city can offer, the next time you plan a party, why not have it on the great outdoors? Here’s a list of five great outdoor party locations to get you started!

1. Alloy Collective

If you’re looking for a very open space that mimics the artistic energy of today’s generation, Alloy Collective is a perfect venue to check out. Its high ceilings and wide windows give its rooms the light and warmth they need. Couple it with the cool tones of its varying metal décor plus splashes of bright colors here and there, the space is bound to keep your creative juices flowing. The best part of this three-floor space is the outdoor patio located on the top level. Leisurely lounge on their rooftop furniture and watch the city skyline while you party.

2. Samovar Tea Lounge

Step out and enjoy the sun! Samovar Tea Lounge is a city gem that takes you back to the warm embrace of Mother Nature’s love. With a 300-degree rooftop patio that you and your guests can enjoy, let the sun kiss your skin a little. While eating the delectable dishes from their world-class menu, you will be surrounded by lush greenery all the while enjoying the urban view from this beautiful sanctuary.

3. The General’s Residence

Time to experience the timeless beauty of the San Francisco Bay. Located at Fort Mason, this vintage location is the perfect party venue for those who want to savor the breathtaking view of the bay. Its wide back lawn is the ideal party location with the beautiful waters of the bay as its perfect backdrop. The General’s Residence magnificently balances the warm & cozy feelings of home and the classic elegance of any glamorous party.

4. The SF Mint

Another great place to party when you want to be transported back in time. This historic site is host to a great events venue that will isolate you from the busy city outside. With towering walls of beautiful yellow stone surrounding you from all sides, you’re bound to feel like a seasoned traveler. Dance and party the night away under the beautiful lights and the expanse of stars above your head in this open-ceiling, private wonderland.

5. Jones

This little urban venue is like a magnificent garden oasis hidden away between the buildings of San Francisco. Maintaining the original Spanish Colonial Revival style of its predecessor, this newly-renovated space boasts of a wonderful array of Australian greenery in its lush rooftop venue. Its mix of wood and metal in its design creates the perfect modern illusion that ties everything together. Enjoy a simple sit-down party or take your celebrations to new levels in this beautiful paradise.

You can tell by the list that even its party spaces have different personalities; very reminiscent of the city where they’re located in. With all the different choices you can choose from, there’s bound to be a perfect place for you to set up your party here in lively San Francisco. All that’s left to do is pick and have fun!


Adam Griffith

Marketing Manager