Top 5 Beautiful Wedding Venues in Los Angeles

Whether you're a local or visitor, these are the best spots to hold your wedding in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is a romantic city that has very beautiful places that will make your "' I do" day magical. You can choose from many options such as sandy beaches, mansions, ranches and breathtaking gardens. With so many options around, it might be hard for you to settle on a perfect wedding location but do not let this worry you. Here is a list of the most beautiful wedding venues in Los Angeles to help you or your client settle for the perfect location for the big day.

1. The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens

This location is unique and has various themes to explore for a wedding. The picture perfect spots in these venue are many and the options vary from outdoor gardens, auditoriums, conference rooms and terraces. The most commonly sought after theme is the gardens because a picture can never go wrong in a garden full of flowers. The pictures taken in these gardens are worth it because they will be lifetime memories of romance, luxury, beauty and perfection.

2. The Victorian

This vintage setting will definitely add glamour to your wedding. The design of this mansion is unique and eye catching. This location is perfect because it is camera ready and notably, each room has a different vibe. You can also get more interesting memories captured by combining this lovely architecture with the beach or, by saying your vows in the outside lawns.

3. Vibiana Cathedral

Initially the city's Archdiocese Catholic Cathedral, this location's transformation will definitely make your big day memories stunning. The black and white marble floor, the white marble stage (initially the altar), gorgeous ceilings, you just cannot get enough of this place. You will always smile when you go through your wedding photos because of the glamour, the love, the architecture, history, perfection, simply one of the best places you will never get off your mind and not to mention, an award winning wedding venue.

4. Disneyland

Make your "Once upon a time" a reality by choosing this location for a fairy tale wedding. You can never go wrong by settling on such a magical location combined with the presence of your loved ones during your special day. You will always relive the great memories captured because Disney will always be charming to look at. With exquisite and stylish touches, you can choose an indoor or outdoor ceremony. For a picture perfect setting of your dreams, this is one of the best places to settle for.

5. Terranea Resort

This extraordinary location is an escape from the city. You can opt for an outdoor or indoor event. The most popular choice is outdoor events because they are truly amazing. Picture the beauty of the horizon, the Pacific, flowers, a sandy beach, romance and love in the air. This makes a great combination and a dream come true. This blissful moment will look good even on camera thanks to the awesomeness oozing out of the location.

With these locations, it is easier to settle on one of the above locations because they are guaranteed to make you amazed. Your big day will be the most beautiful event of your life and your stunning wedding album will be there to remind you of this.