Top 5 Beautiful Wedding Venues in Melbourne

Whether you're traveling, or looking for a favorite spot as a local, these are our favorite, most photogrenic wedding venues in and around Melbourne Australia.

Weddings are exciting. It’s the singular event that unites people, the one day girls who played dress up with toys have waited all their lives for that one magical day and grooms get caught up in the flurry of activity that takes place just to celebrate their lifetime commitment to one person (hopefully). Besides the dress, the bridesmaids and the tuxedos one important consideration that is very important is the wedding venue. The venue occupies a higher position on the scale of the most important things to plan a wedding. It is more than just the space where you get to make your vows and where your family and friends get to witness the most important day of your life, when you choose a venue how it comes off in pictures is important. Whilst everyone looks beautiful wearing their best clothes for the day and the bridal looking amazing, the venue pulls everything together for a wonderful experience. It provides the atmosphere, the backdrop that a photographer can use to convey the mood. The venue is a character in its right, dressed up to complement the bride and groom and the entire wedding party. There are a couple of wonderful wedding venues in Melbourne that are not only beautiful but photogenic. 

#1. Quat Quatta 

Quat Qatta is a stunning Victorian mansion with vaulted ceilings, soft drapery, mood lighting, chandeliers and incredible interior décor. The exterior looks grand with manicured lawns and flowers that lend their sweet smell in the air. There is a nice intimate terrace that is perfect for a photographer to set up unique shots of the bride walking down the aisle. They have a sumptuous menu for weddings but you can also come with your own preferred menu and the skilled chef will create for you. 

#2. The Langham

 Located in the exclusive Southbank precinct on the banks of the Yarra river, The Langham is one of the most elegant and romantic venue for weddings. The interior is richly designed with old world Victorian style décor that is evident in its crystal chandelier and grand staircase. There are so many elements about the venue that make it spectacular. You can take great photos outside on the cascading fountain, or use the opulent landscaped gardens as a backdrop for your photographs. You can create and capture wonderful memories.

#3. The Manor on High

The best word to describe this venue is gorgeous. The French styling makes this a great looking venue. From the outside, the Manor is breathtaking and the interior is tastefully designed in a Georgian style that makes every bride feel like they are walking into their own French Manor. The staff at The Manor are friendly and gracious and the meals that are prepared are glorious. The Manor on High has a great reputation amongst wedding planners in Melbourne so couples need to book in time. 

#4. Rippon Lea 

Rippon Lea is a grand venue. Think Downtown Abbey and you’ll have an idea of what to expect. The property sits on 14 acres of well-kept gardens which makes it a great venue to have an intimate ceremony. The garden and the house itself provide wonderful photo locations. There’s an old pool area that cannot be compared to anything anywhere. 

#5. Tatra 

This charming property dates back to the 1800’s and most of its original features are still there. The grand thing about Tatra as a wedding venue is spacious ballroom that comes with a dance floor. Couples can exchange their vows at the chapel located on the premises, have their meals on the property and go out to have those great staged wedding photos (there’s a beautiful outdoor Gazebo and wrought-iron cupola – no need for props) and dance the night away without having to go anywhere else. 

#6. Leonda by the Yarra

Looking for a contemporary, chic venue but one that still hold a hint of romanticism them the Leonda is it. This picturesque venue is located along the Yarra River, just a few minutes outside Melbourne’s CBD. Thee contemporary décor is further complemented by the cuisine that is served by competent, experienced staff who want nothing more than to give wedding parties the best service. The Leonda has its own private jetty, so you can arrive or leave by boat which makes for great waterfront pictures. 

#7. Sandringham Yacht Club 

Couples who choose the Sandringham Yacht Club to celebrate their nuptials are in for a treat. The clubhouse with its stunning architecture and décor offer a unique waterside wedding venue on the foreshore of Port Phillip Bay. It comes with breathtaking panoramic views of the bay. Sunsets are spectacular. You get a great décor, great setting, panoramic views and great sunsets that make for incredible pictures that will be cherished for years. 

#8. Stones of the Yarra Valley 

Stones of the Yarra Valley joins the list of wonderful properties along the Yarra River Valley which has continued to inspire romance. There is a charming chapel located under hundred-year-old oak trees. This is one of the most picturesque venues in Melbourne with great service, great food and a great atmosphere that you can arrest in a photograph forever. 

#9. The Luminare 

If you are looking for an urban setting for your wedding, you cannot go wrong with the Luminare. The venue is bathed in natural light during the day and glitters with city lights in the evening. Roof top venues are gaining popularity in particular one that offer a rooftop setting located just on the edge of the city. It has a bit of the “sex in the city,” cosmopolitan feel. It a accommodate up to 250 seated and 450 standing guests to enjoy great food, great company and get a chance to soak up all the love and emotions that surround weddings. 

#10. The Maison 

This is the most sought after venue in Melbourne, there is no “best wedding venues in Melbourne” list that can written without The Maison. This exceptional Georgian style mansion has a romantic façade, sprawling with a ballroom to boot. It has well-maintained grounds and a staff that knows all there is to know about what it takes to deliver an exceptional experience. People love the elegant atmosphere the venue itself presents a lot of photo opportunities. Looking for a venue that is perfect, that has great food, great service, exceptional looks, ballrooms, enticing landscaped garden, then these ten will give you that and more.