Top 5 Beautiful Wedding Venues in Perth

If you're planning a wedding in perth, Australia, or know someone who is, you need to check out these 5 seriously beautiful venues.

Couples are spoilt for choice when it comes to wedding venues. Some of the wedding venues are beautifully intimate and charming and others are just down right hip and cool. Some of the best wedding venues know their staff when it comes to wedding receptions and have a great perspective to photographers. An iconic wedding venue in Perth, Australia also has a charming effect to your wedding guests and the photos taken on that special day. Great wedding photos greatly depend on the wedding venue. Choosing a wedding venue can sometimes be a hectic process especially when you do not have a wedding coordinator. The following is a list of the five most beautiful wedding venues in Perth, Australia.

Caversham House

It has one of the most stunning wedding ceremony venues in Perth. It is a Award winning wedding venue located in the Swan Valley. What makes it a beautiful wedding venue, is its manicured lawn and garden that surrounds the modern day chapel. Caversham House features a well-kept historic architecture with additional modern day restorations making it ideal for photography. The location is unlike any other wedding venue in Perth, Australia because it offers multiple wedding ceremony site surrounded by enchanting views. It is truly seen to comprehend its beauty and great opportunity for taking awesome photos.

Monument Hill 

It provides great view overlooking the city and ocean. The Monument Hill is a peaceful reserve containing mature trees and grassy open spaces. If you ever want to watch sunset on your wedding day, then this is the perfect location and also provides a beautiful view for your photographer to capture stunning photos. The wedding ceremony in this location is usually performed in the surrounds of the monument which stretches down the hill giving a better opportunity for capturing memorable moments in your wedding.

Kings Park

It’s variety of trees, flowers, plants, and its breathtaking panoramic view of the city makes it a top location for wedding ceremony. The abundance of trees is used by photographers to create a stunning foreground and background for your wedding photos. The park also gives a good opportunity to take awesome photos at night. It also provides stunning places for wedding photography in one of the many gazebos and water garden.

Cottesloe Civic Centre 

It is a location that provides a picturesque setting for you to experience your perfect wedding day. It is surrounded with historical buildings and luscious greenery. The intimate and tranquil atmosphere makes it an ideal location for your wedding. Its idyllic, impressive stairwells, and old-fashioned gardens will definitely give your photographer a great opportunity to capture the memorable moments of your wedding.

The Harold Boas Gardens 

This location provides a great opportunity for your photographer to capture romantic photographs of your wedding. The presence of several ponds, a waterfall, a beautiful array of overhanging trees, and bridges will certainly give you memorable moments of your wedding day. It is a historic park that has evolved into a stunning landscaped garden containing a series of footbridges and cascades.