Top 5 Beautiful Wedding Venues in Portland

If your big day is going to be in Portland, you need to check out these beautiful wedding venues!

From a modern house to a ballroom, a winery or chateaus, Portland offers you some of the most beautiful wedding venues in Oregon. These venues add an intimate charm to the wedding celebration and give you a feeling of romance. The five most beautiful wedding venues in Portland include: 

The Evergreen 

This is a bay windowed, exposed brick and a black & white classic accented ballroom ideal for hosting a big ceremony. It is located in a forested area just off Portland's historic street. This venue has a hall whose capacity is 550 persons and a dining room of 200 seated persons. It's an ideal place for accommodating your wedding guests. The venue has a rich history with a state of the art updates embedded in its walls. The Evergreen, therefore, merges the old, modern and classic with comfort and elegance to give you one of the most beautiful venues for a wedding.

The Village Ballroom 

This is a charity focused event center built way back in 1909. The Oregon Public House pub has partnered with six local nonprofits to donate its profits. They have an Odd Fellows Hall that is located in a Woodlawn neighborhood (NE Portland). They also have an open ballroom with a greeting room, two restrooms, modern climate controls, and a mahogany bar. The village ballroom is beautifully designed to accommodate a wedding ceremony. Expect to see a wedded couple walking the llamas through a garden in their wedding gown. 

Lakeside Gardens 

The Lakeside Gardens is a perfect choice for a beautiful wedding in Portland. The Garden offers Oregon's ultimate setting, a royal service, and a grande estate. This private facility is situated on a seven-acre piece of land and can confidently accommodate guests from different parts the world. The venue blends a garden paradise surrounded by lakes, tall cedars, and weeping willows. They have an indoor ceremony option as a backup to the outdoor event just in case the rains arrive before the event is over. The surroundings still offer a beautiful background for taking photos even when indoors. 


This is a multipurpose hall located in the Industrial settings of SE Portland. The facility features wooden floors, high beam ceilings and rolls up industrial doors. It also has a 5,000 square feet space that includes a ballroom. The ballroom is divisible with a beautiful sound-proof curtain from the floor to the ceiling. In addition, the facility has spacious lounges, a cocktail space, and a VIP bridal space. Vitalidad will actually give your wedding a classy beautiful atmosphere having an industrial touch. 

Gray Gables Estate

This is a historic two-acre estate that provides a perfect environment for a wedding event. The estate offers a beautiful garden with an old-world rich elegance. The garden is accented with waterfalls, ponds, and statuaries. It's easily accessible from Portlands being just a few minutes drive from south of downtown. The Gray Gables Estate offers additional services like wedding planning to help you make the wedding as stress-free as possible. The venue offers you a memorable dream wedding in a beautiful environment.