Top 5 Beautiful Wedding Venues in San Diego

Whether San Diego is your home or the chosen locale of your destination wedding, you've got to check out these beautiful wedding venues in San Diego!

Most Beautiful Wedding Venues in San Diego written by: kyfra11 Weddings are the one event in everyone's life that need to be frozen in time and secured for posterity. In San Diego, California there are a number of venues available that provide excellent scenery and background. Here are some of the most beautiful wedding venues in San Diego.

Carmel Mountain Ranch Golf Course

This location provides for both the classical wedding ceremony and a garden ceremony. The clubhouse is available for the intimate classical wedding. The reception can be held in a chandelier room that comfortably hosts up to forty guests. The well-manicured gardens in this location provide for a wonderful wedding for a couple of a hundred guests. The reception can be held at a mountain view terrace with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the mountains that provide a panoramic view of the majestic scenery. This also offers a great backdrop for photographs.

The Prado at Balboa Park

This is a premier venue for weddings that is located in the Balboa Park. The Prado is a historic landmark that still maintains the old Spanish charm, decor, and architecture. Couples can choose to have an intimate wedding for up to eighty guests or have a huge wedding of up to 500 guests. All these rooms have terraces overlooking the lush beautiful park gardens. The hotel provides excellent catering service for the wedding parties.

Tom Ham's Lighthouse

This is a San Diego icon and is located at the edge of harbor island, thus offering unique views of the San Diego skyline and the bay. Two properties that are available to host weddings. There is the harbor view room which is the choice for those going for an intimate wedding. It comfortably hosts up to ninety guests. The other room is the California which can comfortably host up to two hundred and thirty guests. In addition, at the venue, there is a ceremony area that can seat up to 240 guests and has a very beautiful and contemporary archway which frames the San Diego skyline. This provides for excellent photography.

Catamaran Resort and Spa

This hotel is one of the most popular wedding destinations in San Diego. It is situated on the shore of mission bay and its main appeal is the tropical theme. It has four different wedding locations with varying capacities. There is an intimate gazebo that can host 70 guests, the beach south lawn that can host 120 guests, the beach north lawn that can host 300 guests and the beach site that can host 200 guests. All these sites provide for excellent panoramic views of the ocean and San Diego Skyline.

Flagship Yacht

Yacht weddings are very popular in San Diego. Their main appeal comes with the fact they can be anchored anywhere to provide the right kind of background and ambiance the couple might require. Another reason why they are so popular is that their capacities are totally dependent on the couple's budget. You need a large wedding; you hire a big yacht and when you need an intimate wedding you get a smaller one. The best thing about yachts is that the ceremony and reception are hosted at the same place, plus you can customize the entertainment. Because they can be anchored at different locations, they are great for photography.