Top 5 Beautiful Wedding Venues in San Francisco

There are many beautiful palces to host a wedding in the City by the Bay, but these are our five favorite wedding venues in San francisco.

Looking for a beautiful place to hold your wedding? Here are five most beautiful venues in San Francisco you can hold your wedding.

Well if you are planning to hold a wedding then you need to choose a really beautiful and ideal place for your event. And if you are planning to do it in San Francisco then lucky you because here are just some of the most beautiful places to hold a wedding. this places will give you a feeling that not many beautiful wedding venues in California can offer.

1 Casa Real at Ruby hill Winery

Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery is located in the heart of Livermore Valley wine county Mediterranean oasis. The place is surrounded by green vineyards and olive trees. There is a large entry hall. it has a rustic ceremony room has golden brown walls. On the floor are porcelain tiles. This gives an intimate and warm atmosphere for a wedding ceremony. There is a grand salon for perfectly set receptions.

It has beautifully carved niches and brides are allowed to customize the place with flowers and candles. The place futures a world-class menu.

The whole palace evokes on the old-world kind of luxury. It also has a 12ft fireplace where couples can exchange vows in front of an audience.

2 The Julia Morgan Ballroom

This is one of the most coveted event venues. Its located in the heart of the San Francisco's financial district. The building has been holding events for more than 100 years. That’s a good indication of what the place might look like.

The transaction from the bar and lodge to the big large ballroom which will definitely wow you. The place has a 20ft fireplace which gives a warm look. This is a future that makes it win itself a slot in the most beautiful wedding venues in San Francisco.

3. The Fairmont San Francisco Hotel.

High on top of the prestigious Nob Hill is a 1907 legendary Fairmont San Francisco. It features a classical ambiance and a leading-edge amenity.

The place also does have a honeymoon program and also offers a wide selection of packages. Every space in this place has a history by itself. It as a really warm landscape and is a perfect place to hold a wedding. This makes it one of the most beautiful wedding venue in San Francisco.

4 Nestldown

Resting on a number of acres in the redwoods is the nestle down. If you are one of those people who would like to have your wedding done in a place that’s away from the normal life then this would be the place to hold your wedding. There are two large ponds, waterfall, and lush gardens.

This makes it one of the most beautiful wedding venues in San Francisco.

5 The Westin St Francis.

Actually, this is the only hotel that’s located in Union Square. The Westin St Francis is a real majestic icon among other wedding venues in San Francisco. The place is stylish with marble columns, ornate balconies, and woodwork that takes you back in time.

The whole of this collection of a specification and perfect planning makes the Westin St Francis one of the most beautiful wedding venues in California.

Adam Griffith

Marketing Manager