Top 5 Spots for Family Portrait in San Francisco

For photographers and travelers alike, these are our five favorite spots for family portrait photography in San Francisco.

Perhaps you intend to travel to San Fransisco with your family and you are looking for some great places to take great family portraits.  Maybe you love churches, marinas, bridges, and funky spots. Whatever your choice, San Francisco packs it all, and you and your family are not going to be disappointed when it comes to those spell-binding photos and images. The following are 5 top spots for San Francisco family portrait.

The Golden Gate Bridge

This is not only the best known landmark but also the city’s iconic symbol, and it's a great destination for family photographers. You can also go to Fort Point and shoot your family portrait from there.  You can after this take a trail that leads up to the bridge itself where you are going to discover along the way some amazing vantage points.

The Ferry Building

This is an attractive structure. It has a pier off to the side from where you may get some great view of the building. You may take photos here even at night since they light up some big neon sign on top saying “ Port of San Francisco. This is quite cool. The other thing is that you are able to get inside the building and take some look around. Its ground floor is found Farmer’s Market. It also has several stores and restaurants. 

The Bay Bridge

Another great place to have your San Francisco family portrait is the Bay Bridge. This is a fabulous bridge and you are going to take a number of wonderful shots from different spots. You can get great views of the bridge from a number of spots, including Treasure Island and the end of Pier 42. The other excellent point is from the pier which sticks out on the Ferry Building’s left side (as you’re facing it). When you happen to walk far enough out of the pier, you are going to have some nice unobstructed view of the Bay Bridge. 


This place is interesting, unique and fun, and among the best places in San Fransisco to have that memorable family portrait. You and your family are just going to enjoy being in Chinatown when you get there since it's just quite interesting. You can walk around, visit the fantastic shops, step your into alleys and explore. And while at it, you should not forget to walk around with your camera for there are many interesting places for those unforgettable family photos. 

Along The Embarcadero

This is a home to several outstanding San Francisco landmarks. You also can have great family photo shoots just walking along it. You may have your great shots taken on empty deserted wharfs, random images out on the water, or cable cars passing. There are several spots waiting to be explored and your family photos taken along the way.