Top 5 Locations for Landscape Photography in Melbourne

These are our favorite places to escape from teh hustle and bustle of the city for a while in Melbourne.

Melbourne is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There might not be any notable landmarks like Sydney has but Melbourne has its own iconic spots, places, and spaces that would inspire any photographer to take out their camera and start taking snaps. There is an abundance of stimulating places in Melbourne. Most Photographers agree that there always seems to be something deeper that the city is hiding and normal folk only get to see what’s on the surface. Most sites in Melbourne seem to have a story that wants to be told, it could be an accidental shot of a bicycle leaning against a tree, a carefully timed picture of a sunset over the cityscape or the Brighton beach boxes or the vegetable stand in Victoria Market or even the lanterns coming on at dusk in China Town. There is so much color and vibrancy, it’s palpable and it is that vibrancy that a lot of photographers spend a lot of time trying to capture in just the right way. Some great spots for landscape photography 

#1. The Yarra River 

The Yarra River is a great location for landscape photographers. There are so many options available from different angles. The city paints a lovely picture over the water at sunset when all the lights come on and nightcrawlers come out to play. Take a walk to Birrarung Marr and find a spot where you can get some nice reflections of towering building and the reflections on the river. Go there in early much when the Moomba festival is on. The fireworks and the Melbourne cityscape provide a spectacular backdrop of the Yarra. 

#2. St. Kilda Pier

 St. Kilda Pier is probably the most photographed spot in Melbourne. It provides postcard quality pictures. It is a popular spot for tourists and photographers alike. The best time to take pictures of this iconic pier is at dusk when the penguins come out. The pier can get crowded on the weekends, however, there’s really nothing you can do about people coming into your shots which is why dusk is a better time because people are still waking up to a new day. 

#3. AAMI Park 

AAMI Park is a unique Rectangular stadium that sits at the center of the entertainment and sports precinct in Melbourne. To get the best shot you might have to wait for a major event to be on at night when all the lights come on. The best vantage spot would be near the Morell Street Bridge. You get a view of the traffic going through the Citylink tunnel and past the stadium. It’s even more special if there are some fireworks going off. You can get the best cityscape with the park as a focal point. 

#4. Flinders Street Station 

Flinders Street Station is another one of the most photographed places in Melbourne. It is a beautiful building and everything else around it just elevates its uniqueness. It’s right on the corner of Flinders Street and St. Kilda Road, which means you can walk from one great scene to the next without breaking a sweat. However it is in the city on a busy street so if you really want to get the best shot, is just before the sun sets when the sky above turns a deep blue and the last rays of the sun contrast with the yellow street lights coming on. If you like night photography or like to capture traffic and trams and the city coming alive at night then Flinders Street Station is awesome. 

#5. Batman Avenue Overpass 

Just a short walk from Flinders Street Station you’ll find Batman Avenue Overpass (and no it is not named after the comic book superhero). The Batman Avenue Overpass is located above the City link entrance on Flinders Street. It’s a great spot to capture the city at night and to capture the constant flow of traffic coming in and out of the city. The overpass has a footpath with lights so, you should feel relatively at ease with your camera up other, except during cricket season when more thousands of people cross it to get to the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). There are so many spots for landscape photography in Melbourne narrowing it to just five is really tough, but the great thing about the city is that there is always something interesting around the corner and all those not-to-be-missed places you find in touristy books are virtually just a bus ride a few minutes’ walk away.

Adam Griffith

Marketing Manager