Top 5 Photography Studios for Rent in Atlanta

Photographers and visitors to Atlanta, Georgia, hear us now! These are our five favorite photography studios to rent in the ATL.

Atlanta is undoubtedly the home of fashion and beauty. Any visitor who comes for any special event should rest assured of getting the best treatment ever in terms of photography and another entertaining side of the ceremony. The good news is that professional photographers coming to Atlanta to cover events need no carry their equipment to the beautiful and charming city; there are standard photography studios in Atlanta that can be rented at a very affordable rate.For your sake, we have compiled this short but very informative piece on the best 5 photography studios for rent in Atlanta. Enjoy!

1. WeldonBond Studio

Unarguably, the best photography studio in Atlanta located in a serene environment of 3700 Wendell Dr. St 22, Weldon Bond Studio offers you all the comfort and relaxation you can ever need. There are three studios under the management of Weldon Bond.Fortunately, each studio is rented out at $25 per hour with great, standard and quality facilities that will aid in the best production of your work.

Allthe three studios have free Wi-Fi service and parking lot. Then, there is soundsystem in Studio A which has infinity cyc wall as background. Studio B hasblack and white background while Studio C is decorated with cyc wall andfashion gray background. You don’t need to travel down to Atlanta beforebooking; it is done 24/7 online.

2. Alexzander Creative Studio

This photography studio is a true portrayal of creativity and topnotch fashion. It is located in a classy setting of 1790 Cheshire Bridge Road, NE. The environment is very quiet, attractive and perfect for your work. The studio is rented out at a very cheap rate and the well-decorated studios with standard cushions, tiled floor and flashy background with different colors is your perfect host for events, music recording, film, photography and rehearsals with technical support from the team.

3. StudioSpace Atlanta

This is our third choice on best photography studios for rent in Atlanta. You may not get a better choice in terms of space and serenity in Atlanta other thanStudio Space. It is your perfect studio for a large photoshoot or an event which needs free flow of movement of people. The studios are well-furnished and always set prepared for work. The chairs are professionally arranged for all kinds of photo sessions—wedding, graduation, music or even film. Studio SpaceAtlanta has this charming service that brings people back after the first patronage.

4. Coco Studios of Atlanta

This is the pride of Atlanta, Georgia! With a perfect location at Howell Mill Road, Coco Studios offers you a quality service space at a very cheap and affordable rate. They have two different studios at different levels and their product ion space is divided into two. The most attractive aspect of the studio is the unique, exceptional and standard interior design, creatively done with bricks. This design will greatly contribute to the quality of your work. With the way the space is artistically designed, you can do multiple shoots simultaneously and people will never know they were all done in the same location.

5. Treehouse Photo Studio

This list of best 5 photography studios for rent in Atlanta will be incomplete without mentioning Treehouse. If you value style and uniqueness while looking for a studio to rent in Atlanta, look no further than Treehouse Photo Studio. Seated at the just-renovated Hudgins and Co, Treehouse has two studios covering a total of 5200 square feet with modern and standard facilities. Space is well ventilated with large windows that give space for natural air with 'high-flying’ internet connection. With just $700, you have access to the half studio for a whole day while you just pay $2000 for full and unhindered access to the full studio for 24 hours.

Adam Griffith

Marketing Manager