Top 5 Photography Studios for Rent in Chicago

Whether you're a local or visitor to the windy city, you should check out these five great photographys studios for rental in Chicago.

Chicago – the Windy City. It’s one of the most famous cities on earth and carries one of the most vibrant vibes on earth, to match. Pull up your Instagram account and take a look at all the photos being taken in Chicago – be them professional or otherwise. You can see the culture and talent oozing from its every corner.

Each city throughout the country, however, has their own flavor. Go and visit and you’ll see it in the architecture, the food, the nightlife, the daily movement of the people. The flavor is around every corner. It’s best for you to go and visit and see it all for yourselves because so little can be communicated properly via the written word.

See the list below for the best spaces in Chicago to rent a photography studio and you’ll quickly begin to pick up on the feel and style the city is trying to convey.

Below we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite rentable photography studios in the city of Chicago. Maybe you’ve been to a couple, or maybe you’re looking to start completely fresh. Whatever your situation, we’re sure you’ll find something that fits your photography needs no problem. Happy shooting!

1. Chicago Daylight Studio

If you’re looking for a flexible studio that features various settings – perfect for daylight or night time shooting, Chicago Daylight Studio is perfect for you. Plus, it’s fixated in one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago.

2. Lobi Space

An incredibly cozy and welcoming space, where it lacks in size it makes up for in quality. Featuring hardwood floors and a more contemporary space as a whole, it’s chock full of features for your everyday work or whatever else you need to take your mind off work for a minute.

3. The Ivy Room at Tree Studios

Whether you need it for photography or to host your next company party, The Ivy Room is a perfect spot for whatever you need. Feel free to check it out on Google or Yelp and prepare to fall in love with this space – and get ready to carve out your next stop at The Ivy Room at Tree Studios.

4. Loft on Lake

Loft on Lake is an almost perfect venue for any photographer – novice or professional. Equipped with exposed brick, tall ceilings, wood beams, and skylights it can only be fully understood if seen in person.

5. Workshop 4200

Are you looking for industrial feel located in the heart of Chicago? Well, you’re in luck. It’s a very well-built building so your sessions won’t be interrupted by various workers throughout the building.

These are just a few of the countless photography studio spaces for rent in Chicago, and we can tell you we’re really only scratching the surface. These five provide everything from loft-style feels and exposed brick, to smaller accommodations and wood floors. They all give the feel that is very popular across social media and the internet as a whole. Clean spaces, plenty of natural lighting, and are sure to provide any photographer – from professional to novice alike – a one of a kind experience you and your cameras won’t soon forget.