Top 5 Photography Studios for Rent in Dallas

Next time you visit Dallas, or if you're a long time resident, you should make sure to check out these great photography studios for rent.

Are you a passionate photographer? Have you got shooting engagements in Dallas, Texas and are looking for a studio to rent? If yes, worry not. There are a number of great studios you can rent to help you bring out the best of your photography. Here's a list of top 5 photography studios in Dallas which you can rent for your work:

1. Camera Ready Studios

The name couldn't have said it any better, the studio is indeed camera ready. Located on 14203 Proton Road, the popular studio is in every way a one-stop photography center. It has all you'll ever want as a photographer, a spacious space to work in, state of the art modern camera accessories, white cove walls, a variety of background colors, a well-equipped makeup room, infinity corners, 16' clearance name them.

Camera Ready is your perfect place for personal and commercial shoots. With adequate natural lighting and easily adjustable artificial lights, you can do all you'd want to do. This includes even taking headshots and tabletop style of photography. The courteous staff here are also always ready to lend you a hand whenever needed.

Get to try out Camera Ready Studios. Here, you'll get to have very rewarding photography sessions. The sessions are charged at very affordable hourly rates and customers are accorded a serene environment in which to do their work.

The studio opens every weekday from 8am to 6pm. You can book your appointment any time.

2. Studio Bella's Boutique Studio Rental

Studio Bella's, this is another rental studio of a kind. Located in Old Gate, Dallas, it's a real hub of photography and art. It caters for photographers, videographers and artists looking to churn out some spectacular work.

The classy studio is ideal because of its private working spaces and its modern photography aides. Expect to find nothing but the best herein.

As a boutique studio, Bella's is almost akin to a lavish hotel. You'll encounter spacious and tastefully furnished rooms for shots. It is indeed the right place for anyone engaging in boudoir, maternity, newborn and that manner of photography. It also equally fits headshots and will be sure to give you awesome results.

Book a space here and get to take some high quality shots. With its adequate lighting and high-end equipment, you can expect nothing but the best shots. The studio opens every weekday.

3. DTX Media

DTX Media, this is for the videographers. If you work in motion picture then this is definitely the place for you. It is actually complete with 4k and UHD videography services.

So much can be said about this modern videography and photography studio. To sum it all up however, just know that the studio was founded and is being run by Johnny Carroll. How better can you have it than to have a Nat Geo award winning photographer helping you along in your work.

4. Studio Rental Dallas

Located in 2401 S Ervay Street Suite 306, Studio Rental Dallas solely caters to persons wishing to rent a studio.

The large sized studio has photography spaces for tabletops, headshots, and full scale room sets. They also have readily available shooting support for still as well as live action shots. You'll find all you'll need as a photographer here.

The other beautiful thing about the studio is its warm tranquil ambience. This is further complemented by the rich decor of wooden floors and exposed brick. It's the perfect place for the photographer with an eye for hidden beauty.

Additionally, Studio Rental Dallas is suitable because of its proximity to Dallas International Airport. You can easily access it after touching base in Dallas. You'll not have to worry about running late for your scheduled sessions. The studio opens nine to six throughout the week.

5. Karen Campbell Photography

Karen Campbell Photography is for the creatives. The founder and director herself is a creative with an eye for anything photography. She offers convenient and one of a kind studios for on-location photography.

Take advantage of her modern equipment and photo editing technologies to create terrific shots. The studio opens everyday from 9am to 8pm. You can make your booking by phone or online.