Top 5 Photography Studios for Rent in Miami

If you're like us, you're always looking for a great photography studio to rent for a quick photo session on vacation. These are our five favorites in Miami.

Photography is a dynamic profession. Inspiration can strike at any moment and some of the best sceneries and backgrounds are located miles away. Therefore, many professional photographers spend their time traveling from one city to another. To help them in producing their work, there are studios which are available for rent. They provide the facilities and resources that photographers need to process their work. Here are some of the Photography Studios in Miami which are available for rent.

Grove Studios

This is one of the best photography studios which is available for rent in the city of Miami. The establishment provides state of the art facilities for photographers. With 4,800 square feet of space, the studio is quite large. In addition to that, there is a shooting space measuring 2,400 square feet. As a special service, a soundproof area measuring 60x40x18 is available for your use as well.

Some of the facilities which are available here for photographers include 30x30 cycloramas, complete grid ceilings which have 2000W 18 space lights and a fully equipped shooting kitchen. There is a VIP area which is very comfortable for your use. In addition to that, the venue has a lounge area, a pair of restrooms and a make up room as well. The abundant, high quality accessories and equipment make it an ideal location to rent for your photography needs.

Little River Studios

Versatile in nature, the Little River Studios are ideal and available for rent. Photographers can enjoy a large shooting space here. In addition to that, there are various resources which you can use for your photography needs. Examples of these are the JIB, lighting and grip accessories. Furthermore, the studio provides a variety of setting arrangements in which to do your shooting. Examples of these are the Cape Cod House, a North Studio, Santorini Set and an English Green House, all at your disposal. These features coupled with affordable rates makes the Little River Studios ideal for rent.

Miami Daylight Studios

Urban, high-tech and comprehensive, this establishment in Miami provides a great facility which you can rent for your photography needs. Miami Daylight Studios provides a variety of services, grip accessories, transportation media, camera, lighting and daylight simulations for your photography needs. The staff is always ready to help and interact with you professionally. The modern technologies and staff support make Miami Daylight Studios ideal for rent by photographers on the move.

WG Studios

If you need a studio for rent in Miami, WG studios is ideal for the purpose. The establishment covers 2,000 square feet and has ceilings which are 18 feet tall. As such, you can rent it and use it to perform various types of photography such as glamor shots, boudoir, fashion, portraits and product photography. If you're planning an extensive photography session, the the venue has a drive-in door. As such, it becomes easy to unload the necessary equipment.

There are accessories on hand such as digital cameras, grips, lighting, paper backgrounds and cycloramas. The rates are competitive and there is full-time staff to help you achieve your photography goal. These are the most outstanding and attractive features of the WG studios.

Stillmotion Studios

This is a photography studio which provides a whopping 4,500 square feet of photography space. There is a total of 5 shooting areas, a 25x25 Infinity Cove, a cyclorama that's 18ft wide and a backdrop area. These amenities and many more allow you to stretch your potential as a photographer. Stillmotion Studios has an efficient renting system. The abundance of accessories and affordable rates makes the establishment an ideal studio for rent.

Photography is dynamic and allows you to traverse the world taking amazing shots. The studios above are available for rent if you're in the city of Miami. They are ideal choices for your use in this seaside city.

Adam Griffith

Marketing Manager