Top 5 Photography Studios for Rent in New York City

If there is a "photography city", it's got to be New York City. And, if you're visiting, or looking for a photography studio for the first time, these are our five favorite photography rental studios in the Empire City.

If you are a professional photographer and want to shoot your commercial catalog pictures or new products in New York City and searching a Photography Studios in New York City than various options are available here.You can choose Photography Studios in New York City considering your budget and environmental issues. Here is some rental studio are listed according to your recommendation of size capacity and other services.

1. Sandbox:

It is situated between New York City and Brooklyn and convenience are the reason so it is listed on the top of all other studios. You'll also have access to  production offices with post-production departments and other large studios drenched in original light to choose from. Some other benefits are the view of the city at 360 degrees, multiple hair/make-up stations, ping pong table, and easy to access based drive location.

2. EZ studios:

A recently renovated studio that offers three unique spaces on the rent based on the different type, scale and according to the necessity of the production or shoot. kitchen with modern features, Blackout capability, furnishings on the rental, high ceilings, multiple levels, and walls which can be painted according to your needs are other facilities which make EZ studio perfect for all type project.

It has three studios with the primary studio of 4,500 square feet and 8-foot wraparound windows on three sides and also facilities for rooftop access and balconies.

3. Contra Studies:

This fully equipped studio rental is developed with including any type of multimedia production in each stage of the process.The studio space is the big one with 4,000 square feet of open space and comes full modern services studio for video shoots and photography.It has a post-production room and some other additional services are available with creative animation graphics, photographers, and video production.

It has the facility which is used for video, photography, film, fashion, casting, and dance. and also available some creative services and modern lighting.

4. NEO Studios:

In NEO Studio you'll finda facility to choose your floor plan according to your necessity from the three available configurations. They know each shoot has its particular unique requirements, so a collection of amenities, stands, cameras, set supplies and multiple options of lights are available here. Here are easier to in-house professional -level photo, video and event production.

5. Chemistry Creative:

It is located in the center of Brooklyn and famous in creative and large multi-platform experiences that make it differ from other studios. Here are full equipped service creative and video or film producing can assist in each part of the production process with full staff.Here are two studios with large space and having drive-in access with the industrial feel.It famous for audiovisual and multimedia with a full-service agency.

6. LightSpace Studios:

This studio offers Vogue, Bentley, and Aldo for its client. It has full-service film and photo production facility has a big inventory of lighting, camera, grip, digital capture, and a big crew roster so you can take full benefits of rooftop access and 28' ceilings.