Top 5 Photography Studios for Rent in Perth

Whether you're a professional photographer in Perth or just visiting, you should check out these five suprisingly affordable photography studios for rent.

A studio is an essential part of a photographer’s life. Any photographer worth his salt must have a personal photo studio. The main incentive for having your own studio as a photographer is light. Light is arguably the most significant factor to consider in photography. As one photography expert put it,’ light is the ink with which we paint photographs’.  Taking photographs in natural light can be stressful because you have little control over the light. This is why most photographers love taking pictures in a studio because in there, you have control over the light, and you can manipulate it to get the desired effect.

A good, well equipped photo studio is expensive to set up. Unless you are already successful in the business, most people find it beyond their means to own a studio. Luckily, there are many studios available for hire right here in the city. This article lists the top five photography studios in Perth.


Located right in the city’s central business district, Photofinity is the newest and classiest photography studio in Perth. The studio has top notch photography equipment and it boasts the largest infinity curve cyclorama in all of Western Australia. This is an independent studio available for hire to all photographers and creative agencies.


Studio Northbridge is a prime target for creative professionals looking for photography and video editing equipment. The studio is available for hire on a half-day or on a full day basis. Studio Northbridge premises have lots of natural light filtering through its enormous windows for daylight shooting. The studio also has full blackout facilities for that night effect magazine photographers love.


This is the largest photography studio available for hire in Perth. It has over fifteen different studio spaces. The studio is located within the Perth central business district. It offers quality photography equipment at affordable prices. This studio is ideal for new photographers. Huzzard studios plays host to many seasoned photographers and it therefore presents a wonderful networking opportunity for new photographers. The studio is owned by famous photographer Chris Huzzard and a few other working photographers.


True to its name, Qcumber can only be described as a �cool’ studio. Located just outside of Perth, South of the river, this studio is in a class of its own. The studio area contains an infinity wall. The whole studio is painted in a cool light green Chroma paint. They offer additional lighting from the floor which is unavailable in most studios. Qcumber studios offer real quality at reasonable prices.


Archer imagery is a unique studio in that they specialize in telling stories of the human journey. Their studios are best suited for photographing babies, pregnant mums, couples, and even pets. The studio is decorated with a lot of beautiful backgrounds which are perfect for taking family portraits. It is well lighted and it also has full blackout facilities. It is located in the outskirts of Perth to the North. The studio is available for hire on an hourly basis. 

Whether you are a young beginning photographer, or a professional photographer visiting Perth, Just drop into one of these studios and I guarantee that you will enjoy what they have to offer.





Adam Griffith

Marketing Manager