Top 5 Photography Studios for Rent in Seattle

If you're a photographer in Seattle, or you're just visiting, it's always useful to know a few great studios to rent for your next portrait gig!

Here are 5 great photography studios that are ideal for any creative photographer in Seatle:

1. Sodo District Studio and event space with Cyclorama Wall

Located in the Industrial District, Seattle, WA, this is a great space for any event weather social gathering, workshop or any symposium. The studio boasts of a 30x30 Cyclorama Wall which is excellent for photos and video. The space has a clean cleaning and make up rooms. There is also a Green Screen that comes with an extra charge.

Amenities include WiFi, restrooms, parking space, street level access, full kitchen and diner area. This space is available everyday even weekends from 6AM to 11PM. The current hourly rate is $90 which includes cleaning during the rented time. Remember that what you bring into the studio, you take out.

2. Amazing designer downtown loft

This gem in an urban setting is located in Pioneer Square, Seattle.  This great photography studio has been featured in blogs and reputable magazines. It has a large open floor space of 1700 square feet and excellent for photos for parties, dinner and hanging out events. It’s within walking distant to some of the best bars and restaurants in the city. The surrounding museums, sports stadiums and nightlife can provide a great background. The neighboring beautiful nature is a plus to most photographers.

There is a fully equipped kitchen, WiFi, private dressing rooms, cable TVs, natural light and a day-time bed. The studio has 2 modern speakers with ipod connectivity and a rental projector. Since it’s near the city, everything you need is within reach such as street parking, airport, and any public transportation. Rental stands at $150 which includes cleaning. The studio is open every day from 8AM to 11PM.

3. Sodo design studio in Industrial District

Standing at a total space of 2800 square feet, this design studio includes a foam or wood shop for purposes of rapid prototyping. The power system requires the help of an assistant. You can also ask for other services like workshop facilitation and planning to make your work easier.

Amenities include WiFi, parking spaces, natural light, kitchen, skylights and restrooms. Hourly rate rent goes for $150 including cleaning. The kitchen doesn’t have an oven but has a fridge and microwave. Catering services are best services here. The studio is available Monday to Saturday from 8AM to 6PM.

4. Pristine photography studio with lots of natural light

Located in Lower Queen Anne, the studio covers 1550 square feet. It’s a great photography and events space that has a large ceiling and big window wrappings covering 3 walls. The floors are made of polished concrete, trending lighting and with a modern equipped kitchen. The black-out curtains on every window is great asset for any photographer. The kitchen overlooks a courtyard and a reflective pond. Most reviewers find the services offered by this studio very exceptional. Reputable photographers have rented this studio to showcase their works. The space is designed ready for production with all the photography equipment.  Professional equipment like digital technology station and lights are also available on order.

Amenities include public transport, restrooms and natural light. Costs are $155 per hour including cleaning. The studio is open every day from 8AM to 11PM.

5. South Lake Union Penthouse with Lake Union site

This newly built photography studio is located at the heart of South Lake Union and the Amazon headquarters. This is a great place for taking photos in Seattle. This is an occupied house and therefore only ideal for small limited photography productions or larger mixed-day productions.

Amenities include natural light, fully equipped kitchen, diner, WiFi, wheelchair accessory, public transport, wardrobe and dressing rooms and a lot more. The studio is available for $125 per hour everyday 8AM to 11PM.