Top 5 Photography Studios for Rent in Sydney

Even if you have a little studio at home, it's nice to have access to a full size photography studio every once in a while. These are our favorite rental studios in Sydney!

Living or renting abroad can be a fun and exciting prospect. Photographer like to work and travel and the idea of renting a studio aboard, is for most a very tempting idea. 


Travel has a habit of not only energising but also enhancing creativity and to a certain extent productivity. This article will summarize some of the studios on offer and what you can expect Sydney in Australia. 


Both these destinations have their own unique charms, work leads and experiences. So think about taking the leap and travel work and have some adventure with work and open minded adventures, obviously for work purposes.


Sydney Photo Studios Rental Market in Australia


The rental market in sydney very competitive, so because of this rental prices are very similar, with lots of studios offering hourly rental slots or even day functions, some at offer price and other premium places at full expense. 


The plus side is that there are many studios offering a home for your projects or commercial work. This rest of this article looks at some of these studios, their facility and related pricing for hire. The standard is high and the areas modern and light for work of professional standard.


Available photo studios


A range of studios available for higher across Sydney


❏ Sun Studios

❏ Work Studio

❏ Sydney Photographic Studio

❏ Camperdown Studios

❏ Studio 80


Sun studios


Sun studio is in walking distance from the university man campus and has a range (upto 7 studios for higher). 


These shoot rooms are big and breezy with recently decorated modern furnishings and atmosphere which make any photo shoot session functional and efficient for work purposes.


The studio used to be a woolshed and offers a rustic look, inside decorated to a high standard. The studios range from 120 to 300 meters are bright and open spaces.


This studio offers set building if needed.


Work Studio


Work studio is based on the ground floor of a disused warehouse in Redfern near the sydney central station. The shooting space is 80 meters squared and offers an area which is light and open. There is also kitchen and meeting spaces.


A range of sofa and cables are available to use in the studio along with wifi, bluetooth and a range of rigs.


Lights and other set ups need to be provided.


The room is 5 meters high and this is considered a modern and standard facilitated studio.


Sydney photo studio


Sydney photo studio is based in Rosebury, considered the heart of the creative center of the city. This studio is 15 miles from the airport and offers 4.5 meter high ceilings and a huge 160 sqr meter main shoot area. 


This studio has natural south facing light and coloured scene and basic facilities for most of your prep and studio needs.


Lighting setup and kitchen facilities are also available.


Camperdown Studios


Camperdown Studios is a modern well placed inner west sydney photo studio, which modern facilities and offering a range of 3 studios. Each offer a unique setting with both controlled and natural light options.


Lighting and facilities for prep and lunch available, call us to make arrangements.


This is a professional with lighting and scene settings and a wide open space for great shots and lighting.


Studio 80


Based in Artarmon in central sydney, this studio has one natural light, a blackout studio, and a couple of large studios for product shoots.


This studio has a great setting and a nice range of open spaces and high ceilings. Backout and daylight studio, also 5 meter rotational functioning studio. 


500 sqr meters are available here and recently and modern decorated with a metal and white industrial looking and feel. 


Wifi, lighting and catering services are available as per your needs. 




Sydney has a range of modern studio for all more of photography and creative projects. I love the natural light aspects in most of these studio facilities with a top range of supportive options, wifi, lighting and meeting areas for the successful foundation of your creative projects. 


These are state of the art studios and as a photographer whichever your studio you will have a high possibility of creating great high quality photos and end product.



Adam Griffith

Marketing Manager