Top 5 Photography Studios for Rent in Washington DC

When you get the itch for some studio photography in Washington DC, make sure to check out these five great photography studios for rent.

To create excellent shots, a professional photographer needs access to a top quality studio. There is always the option of setting up your own location. However, this may not be very practical if you're a traveling photographer. If your work takes you from city to city, you are better off renting high quality studios in every city you visit. Thankfully, this service is provided and you can definitely find such studios along your sojourns. Here are some of the best Photography Studios in Washington DC which you can rent.

52 O Street Studios

This is literally a center for the arts in Washington DC. 52 O Street Studios is an entire building which provides spaces for the art-inspired people to use for whatever purpose they wish. The venue is ideal for photographers since there is enough space and infrastructure needed so as to set up a location for a photoshoot. The rates are very affordable and you can borrow inspiration and manpower from the other artists in the building.

At 52 O Street Studios, there is freedom of expression, art and vision. Therefore, many photographers visiting Washington DC choose to rent this space for their work. The artistic atmosphere and affordable charges are the best features of this establishment.


This is a highly professional studio for rent in Washington DC. Studiowerks provides the space, props, equipment and environment that is necessary for high quality photography. Here, you have access to 1,250 square feet of studio space to work with. The venue is fitted with high quality ProFoto equipment. In addition to that, it has a variety of background options to choose from.

Studiowerks DC facilitates access through a package program. Photographers interested in using the space can buy a package of hours and use it at their discretion. Access is quite easy since every photographer gets a unique PIN which they can use to let themselves into the venue during their hours. It is an ideal spot to take high quality shots and create the ultimate portfolio. The affordable rates and unlimited access make Studiowerks an excellent photography studio for rent in Washington DC.

Christie's Photographic Studios

Christie's Photographic Studios is a professional studio in Washington DC that combines covering shoots and providing space for photographers to practice their art. They have all the equipment which you would need to create your own high quality shots. Moreover, the staff are helpful in brining your photography dreams to reality. At Christie's Photographic Studios, the rates are very affordable. As such, it is attractive due to the professional staff and pocket-friendly rates.

Beyond Studios

This is a comprehensive facility which provides the necessary space and equipment for daylight photography. At Beyond Studios, you have access to 800 square feet of photography studio space. There are tasteful features such as a pair of skylights and artful, exposed brick. Beyond Studios has all the equipment you would need to take professional shots. Some examples of these are Profoto Strobes, Tungsten ARRI lights with a power rating of 750 watts, Sony A7s and bi-color LED Lite panels from Astra. The wide range of equipment and tasteful premises make Beyond Studios an ideal spot to rent for your photography while in Washington DC.

Earl Howard Studios

This is another studio which you can rent in Washington DC and perform your photography. Earl Howard Studios are designed to inspire creativity at the most affordable prices. The establishment is fitted with the latest tools and accessories which you would need. It is also ran professionally and there is always some staff on hand to assist you in achieving your photography objectives. Earl Howard Studios is a good bet if you want to maximize creativity in convenient surroundings.

As a photographer, your work may take you from city to city. While in Washington DC, these are some of the studios available to you for rent. You can utilize their services and keep working just as if you were in your own studio.