Top 5 Places for Engagement Photos in San Francisco

When you want tor record that one perfect moment between you and your partner in San Francisco, these are the places to go!

Whether San Francisco is your home, or you're in town for a romantic visit, this is a city with hundreds of beautiful spots to take a few engagement photos. We took on the difficult task of narrowing this down into just a few of our favorites.

Crissy Field

If you love rolling green lawns almost as much as you love your partner, this is a great spot to check out for engagement photos. In addition to giant fields and some beautiful examples of classic San Francisco architecture, you'll find great views of the ocean, the bay, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Sutro Baths

Originally built as a swimming facility for skittish Victorian-era swimmers, the old facility has long since fallen into ruin, but a beautiful sort of ruin. While it's not much good for swimming anymore, Sutro baths is an iconic San Francisco location for any kind of photography, including engagement photography! Do yourself a favor and climb up into the sandstone bluffs to check out the views.

Pier 14

You can't come to San Francisco and skip out of the views and the food available at the waterfront, but so much of it is crowded with gobs and gobs of tourists. This is the best spot to get a unique view of the bay and the city, but also to stand a chance at escaping those pesky tourists (even if you are one!). Find it near the ferry terminal.

Speedway Meadow

Golden Gate Park is huge - bigger than Central Park in New York City by about 20% - so telling someone to go take a set of engagement portraits in Golden Gate Park is a bit like telling them that Oakland is "over some water." If you can find your way to the horse track on the western edge of the park, you'll be right next to this verdant meadow.

Treasure Island

Here's an under-appreciated gem - Treasure Island is to San Francisco as Staten Island is to New York. It's a bit of a trek, still scarred by industrial remnants, and possibly the least visited of the locations mentioned here. While you may not immediately see the beauty of this location, if you keep an open mind, you'll love the views back towards the city from the jetties and piers of Treasure Island.

Adam Griffith

Marketing Manager