Top 5 Places for Family Photography in Brisbane

Whether you're a pro photographer or just a visitor, these are the best spots in Brisbane to take some great family photographs.

Brisbane is not only a great city but also a wonderful place for family portraits. We have compiled a list of the best spots for taking family portraits in Brisbane. They include:

Kangaroo Point cliffs 

This is a beautiful spot, especially at sunset. The sun in Brisbane usually goes down just behind the city. The Kangaroo point cliffs are positioned in a way that enables you to capture the beautiful colors of the sky during the sunset. There are many points along the cliff for taking family portraits. You can walk on the stairs to capture the family portraits along the water edge. In post-processing these photos, you can lighten up the buildings or go for the city skyline silhouette. It is a great spot for family portraits and night photography. The cliffs are located on River Terrace.

Cleveland Point 

This is part of Brisbane bayside area and is located just about 30 minutes from the city. It's a popular spot for families to have a picnic, barbecue or water sports. Some of the popular water sporting activities here include fishing, jet skiing, and windsurfing. Most photographers also like this place because of its old wooden jetties. The Jetties faces west and can give you a wonderful family portrait especially during sunset. There are many trees in the water and this gives a wonderful background especially on a calm day. There is a cement wall which you have to walk along to get to these jetties.


This is a bayside suburb located on the northern side of Brisbane city. It has a famous pier that makes a great spot for family outings. You can enjoy the barbeques, swimming, and picnics as you take lots of family photos. The features to enjoy here include a mini beach, poles in the water, and a rock wall. The pier is located off the Park Parade, just about 20 minutes from the city. The beautiful sunset scenery found at Shorncliffe will definitely spice up your family portraits.

Mt Cootha 

This is a famous lookout spot in Brisbane. It's located just about 7km to the west of the city. Mt Cootha gives your family 180-degree views across the city. Visiting this spot at sunrise or sunset gives you the best viewing experience. It's even much more beautiful to do it on a foggy morning. Foggy conditions fill the entire valley with fog and make the buildings pop out beautifully. As you relax to take your family portraits, there is a restaurant, cafe, function room and gift shop to spice up your moments. The lookout is located on Mount Cootha off Sir Samuel Griffith Drive.

Roma St Parklands 

This is beautiful garden within the city that gives you so much color for a family portrait. There are five different sections of the garden. It has meandering paths within the sections to give you diverse options for taking photos. The kids also get an opportunity to play on its large open grass area. It's a great place to take photos while getting a chance to play at the same time. There are many birds and lizards that will interest you to watch.