Top 5 Places for Family Photography in Melbourne

Everyone needs a great family photograph from the year's big vacation - and these are the best spots to snag yours in Melbourne!

Planning for a family photography in Melbourne? You might be wondering on the best ideal places to take family portraits. Well you should worry less since we have got top places you might want to consider on your list. Named the words most livable city, Melbourne offers the best scenery for you and your family to make the best family portraits ranging from awesome waterfalls, bridges, piers and so many more that makes you yearning for more.

1. Studley Park Overpass

This is an awesome place that offers unobstructed view of Melbourne city which serves as the best place to take family photographs at night.It is located at Yarra Bend road and overlooking the Eastern Freeway,that gives a curved view towards the city which gives an amazing background of the city and still giving a long exposure for family portraits.

2. Hopetoun Falls

Located in the Great Otways Nationa Park,Hopetoun Falls gives the best background for family portraits.The waterfall is stunning with a wide range of angles and options to choose from giving unique kind of portraits to your family.This gives a more relaxed natural environment away from the noise of the city and being at one with nature, falling water being one of the soothing sounds you would want to be surrounded with.

3. Cranbourne Botanic Gardens

For a family whose interest is to have a portrait which has a background rich of flora from different parts of Australia, Cranbourne Botanic Gardens should be an ideal place to take a family photograph.It specializes in showcasing and protecting Australian native plants with rare native animals from all parts of Australia.It is divided into different sections with carefully set out footpaths and within the sections are flora from different ecosystems in Australia such as eucalyptus, scented flowers and rare trees in the country.

4. Healesville

Healesville is a dense forest of black spur towards Marysville with giant trees covered in thick fog during winter.This makes the place an ideal choice for a foggy family photograph for a more unique portrait.It gives an impression of long towering trees looking upon the family on a portrait giving a more pleasing appeal of how nature takes care of human beings, a family being the basis of human beings.


Mansfield is located at the foothills of the Great Dividing Range and is surrounded by Victoria's most stunning mountains such as Mount Buller.It is the most ideal place to take family portraits has a beautiful background of milky way,since it has dark skies which gives a clear view of milky way stars.The mountains adds some taste and appeal to your family portrait since it gives a clear definition of horizons giving a almost complete definition of the universe.Family being included in such portrait gives a portrait a beautiful meaning since it has a full representation of what universe as a whole comprises except one thing missing which is oceans ans seas.Mansfield furthermore,offers a wide range for photography since it gives more space unoccupied with dense forests and tall building for families whose primary interest is purely nature.

Adam Griffith

Marketing Manager