Top 5 Places for Family Photography in Perth

Professional photographers in Perth need to know about these five great places to host a family photography session.

There is nothing as long lasting and enjoyable as capturing family moments in a beautiful environment and Perth, Australia is one of the best places to do so. The captivating beauty of Perth provides the perfect background scenery for those treasurable moments. This article acts as a guide to particular places in Perth where families can take the best family portraits.

a) Hyde Park

Perth can be exceedingly hot and bright in Summer which can pose a challenge in capturing good images. However, places like Hyde Park have beautiful Morton Bay Fig trees that provide sufficient shade and greenery. These trees have a feel of adventure and comfort especially due to their extensive and majestic roots. The trees have an amazing deep green color that makes a perfect background to family portraits. Hyde Park is a great place to walk your pet, cycle and play outdoor games thus making it the perfect spot to capture special family moments.

b) Raeburn Orchards

Sometimes, taking photos out in the hillside is one of the most therapeutic activities that one can engage in. The Raeburn Orchards are located on the hillside of Perth at Roleystone and have the most profound Spring blossom that one can imagine. Each season brings with it a variety of blossoms and fruits such as apples, plums and oranges. The place looks almost exotic and parents have a wonderful time taking their children here due to the peaceful environment of color and abundance. The colors blend from green to orange to pink and bright red and the photos taken here are simply breathtaking.

c) Lesmurdie Falls

The effect of a waterfall in a photo is simply beautiful, especially one surrounded by extensive flora and fauna. The Lesmurdie falls is a depiction of the brilliance of nature. It is located around vast bush land with sunshine filtering through the dense forest. It is somewhat secluded and perfect for a family out on an adventurous hike. It has a great view of the hills and the city and therefore provides a captivating background for a family photo on their day out in the woods.

d) The Swan River

This is one of the most beautiful places in Perth. It boasts the beauty of Matilda Bay and South Perth Foreshore which are two very popular places to visit and enjoy the gentle sea breeze. The Swan River is the best spot to capture the sunset effect and it is very family friendly. It assumedly gets its name from the lovely swans that swim in the river. It has been referred to as the hub of Perth due to its scenic and historical beauty.

e) Araluen Botanical Gardens

The Araluen Botanical Gardens are most famous for its tulips. It is located in South East of Perth and has very many residents who are dedicating to ensuring that the tulip blossom in Spring is a sight for sore eyes. The colors of the flowers and trees are simply breathtaking. Most families love to visit the place due to its all-year-round artistic scenery and captivating background for family portraits. The Araluen Botanical Gardens are well manicured to close perfection thus the end result is an image of a picture straight out of a magazine on holiday vacation spots. It is therefore one of the best spots in Perth to capture great family portraits.

In conclusion, family moments ought to be enjoyed and treasured. With this in mind, it would be a great idea to invest in a good camera, visit these wonderful places and capture each and every moment. This experience is totally worth it in the end.

Adam Griffith

Marketing Manager