Top 5 Places for Photography in Portland

To tourists and residents alike, passionate photographers in Portland need to visit these great spots.

When it comes to life behind the lenses, Portland, Oregon is one of the places on earth that you should consider to focus on. The place has a number of amazing spots that will make you enjoy each moment of your life as a photographer. Photography in Portland is awesome thanks to the region's beauty and willingness to respond positively to photography. If you are wondering where to photograph next in Portland, here are the spots that you should try out.

1. Columbia River Gorge

This is the largest national scenic area in the United States. This spot has a number of contrasts including the vegetation, climate and terrain. This ensures that it is never a dull photography session in the Gorge. Also, the dozen amounts of waterfalls will amaze you. The mountains and the sight of a river flowing through it is a spectacular sight which you would not want to miss.

2. Keller Fountain Park

The Keller Fountain Park is a relaxed and beautiful location for a shoot. If we talking about urban planning best works, then this is definitely one of them. The park's most delightful feature is the waterfall. The waterfall is made of concrete and the architectural design is a great sight. The park's serenity, peace and melody is something you would not miss behind the camera.

3. Portland Japanese Garden

Located in Washington Park, this garden will certainly make you awe struck. The garden is a perfect mix of natural and planted species. The different gardens planted feature different styles thus be sure to take authentic and awesome pictures in one location. The mystical atmospheres in the garden gives it a charm that always attracts visitors and photographers alike. This paradise is a great spot because you can also view the city on the trail before you reach the gardens.

4. St. John's Bridge and the Cathedral Park

The Cathedral Park is located right underneath St. John's Bridge. The iconic structure of the bridge blends well with the park making it a beautiful place to capture. You can take advantage of this and make it even more interesting by capturing the sunset in the evening or sunrise in the morning . This park is rich in beauty and it is used to host weddings, concerts community events and festivals. You can also capture a great shot of the Forest Park while in this location.

5. Hoyt Arboretum

This park contains the largest number of the most distinct species of plants and shrubs. This means that you get a chance to be unique and creative in order to get the most stunning photos. This place is amazing and just perfect for a nature shoot. You can try to photograph this place during different seasons and you can be sure that it is never disappointing.

Photography in Portland is a wonderful experience because it offers a lot of things to explore. The various places that are camera friendly make it easier for you to choose photography spots. All you need to do is get your tools and dive into the amazing world of photography in Portland.