Top 5 Places For Profile Pictures in Portland Oregon

Whether you're applying for jobs or looking for new profile pics for your facebook page, these are the best spots to check out for profile pictures in portland oregon.

Portland, Oregon is bursting hub of entertainment spots and public spaces that are great for amazing photographs. Whether you are looking to take photographs to sell, or frame and hang at your place or you need a photo to post on your social media profiles; Portland has it all. From the outdoor to the street corridors to monumental places of attraction, forests and farms; one does not have to search far and wide to find great spots. Here is a list of the places with the most beautiful sights that Oregon has to offer, where you can take profile pictures in Portland, Oregon.

1. International Rose Test Garden

If you are in to flowers, then this garden is the right place for you. The exquisite botanical arrangement of the garden provides an eye catching experience that great pictures are made of. This garden is one of the reasons that the city of Portland is generally considered as the city of roses.

Located in Washington Park it hosts of around 7,000 rose trees planted with a myriad of varieties on display and new species released periodically. This place is free to enter. With all he rose variants to admire, it would be utterly impossible not to take out a camera and take a few shots, and some extra if you need to.

2. Governor McCall Waterfront Park

The second on the list is a spot with a water body. The still waters of the banks of Williamette allow for scenic shots that are out of this world and purely classic. A few animals and birds roam about the place as their natural habitat adding on to the tranquility that the spot offers. The extending grass lawn makes this the ideal picnic place in Portland, encouraging group photos. Located at Naito Parkway around SW Harrison Street and NW Glisan Street, the Water park has boats that can be helpful in getting landscape photographs.

3. Portland Art Museum

For the lovers of visual contemporary art pieces, this must be the place visit. The Museum is home to a long history of development in American art, artifacts, sculptures, paintings;t this space would leave a photographer addicted to the clicks and would leave them hungry for more. The price is not too high for the worth that is in store. Visitors get to relive the moment of American greatest artists and their works of art on display. This attraction site is great for conceptual and fine art photography. It is located at 1219 SW Park Ave, Portland.

4. Portland Aerial Tram Upper Terminal

Heights can be exhilarating and literally breathtaking. This place towers right above the city carrying passengers across from one high point to another: from Marquam Hill (Kohler Pavilion) to South Waterfront (SW Moody & Gibbs). The transport facility definitely provides opportunity for great aerial photography

5. Mount Tabor Park

Last but not least, this list features a forest. The outdoor environment is great for physical exercise. A photographer can take long walks in the woods hiking and he will not miss chances to capture great landscape shots.

One time or another we need pictures to act as memoirs, why not visit the above places and see if you can take profile pictures in Portland, Oregon.