Top 5 Sites for Photography in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is synonomous with films, but what about photography? These are our favorite sites to do a little photography in Los Angeles.

Various factors needs to be considered before one decides to embark on a journey of photography.These factors are going to determine the choice of location you would one to choose as the best spot for your photography. Among the questions you would ask yourself is: is the site going to present what i am looking for in the photograph, is it possible to have that cool looking photograph in the place and if the site allows visitors to take photographs etc. Los Angels not allow presents you with all these options, but also guarantees you comfort while you are undertaking the process of photography. Here are the top places you would want to consider as the best location for photography in Los Angels, California:

1.Hollywood Bowl Overlook.

Located one mile off Mulholland Drive is the beautiful Hollywood Bowl Overlook where visitors can capture amazing pictures of downtown Los Angels.It not only presents the best capture of downtown but also gives you the best angle to capture the Hollywood sign in you photograph. Though the place might be congested due to large number of visitors and parking space might be tricky to find,Hollywood Bowl Overlook still keeps you thrilled with amazing view of a beautiful sunset, sunrise and a beautiful lighting of downtown at night.

2. Lotusland

At 37 acre land lies a botanical garden called Lotusland. It is located in Montecito, California with over 300 species of plants from all over the world.Among its features are ferns, aloes, water lilies, bromeliads and cactus which gives that beautiful green nature in the middle of a desert. People who are interested in taking photos that are filled with pure nature, away from human activities can take a trip to this beautiful location.

3.Runyon Canyon Park

The canyon is a 130 acre that gives visitors a wide range of space to explore with its highest point presenting the best shot for a photograph to be taken of downtown Los Angels.At this point you are able to capture a 360 view of downtown, the ocean on the other side of the city, Hollywood sign, Hollywood and many more which gives the photo a full definition of what Los Angels has to offer for visitors.

4. Venice Canals

Built in 1905 by Abbot Kinney, Venice Canal presents the best architectural designs of the neighborhood Los Angels downtown.It is packed with beautiful walkways, beautiful gardens made from different flowers and beautiful designed houses.The place gives you the Italian feeling in America which gives the best photo appeal for representation of two cultures in the photograph. Furthermore, Venice Canals, presents you with the best angles to capture different styles and art used in building the houses along the canal.

5. Korean Bell of Friendship

Located in a park near Gafney street in San Pedro is a Korean painted and stylistic decorated building. A stairway has been build all the way up closer to the large bell which gives the best position to take photographs of this beautiful iconic building. Moreover, from the top of the building you can capture the most breathtaking photos of the park,the sea and beautiful play grounds which gives the picture a perfect elevation of what the park beneath has to offer.