Top 5 Spots for Beautiful Outdoor Parties in Perth

When we throw a party here at Snappr, aesthetics are way more important than we'd like to admit. These are the best places in Perth to throw your next picnic if it's important that your friends look really really cool.

Working, studying and other stressful things in those days and we can’t wait to rest and chill out our mind, a party is one of the best things to feel that way…. Now we are in a holiday mood when we try to go out with friends, our family to dance to eat to have fun. Everybody likes to have that one perfect party they want to remember their whole life. To feel the air, and nature when you are dancing and listening loudly songs or even if you are going to make a barbecue party and country music with your family. 

Usually, when we make bigger parties outdoor we have to make decorating the space, to chose cool songs, to have good foods and drinks and sure to invite our lover's people in our life. Outdoor parties in far away from home we just have to think about our look, our outfits, our hairstyle and sure with who we are going. Everyone wants to be glam and to get attention. But when we are there the only thing we want is to have FUN! Perth this amazing city beside the seaside it’s one of the best places to have an outdoor party. In this city, we have so many different types of places for incredible parties, beach, amazing parks and square, beautiful gardens and interesting open restaurants. 

Rotary Park

It’s a perfect place to celebrate birthday parties for your family or children. It’s a free space when you can decorate by our self and make it special. 

The Garden Leederville 

This place is amazing for a Friday party, it offers amazing food and delicious drinks. It has a cute atmosphere and lots of space for socializing.

Fraser’s Kings Park 

As couples are stressing out where to celebrate their happiest moment of their life, they should consider this great spot. Fraser’s Kings Park is an amazing place to build your special moments.

Mattise Colorful Beach Club

Here's a place that makes you say WOOW, It’s an amazing bar by the beach with an amazing architecture. This bar is perfect for going out with friends, to have fun and to dance until the morning. It’s a place that none would leave without taking a picture, so if you plane to go there don’t forget your camera.

Fremantle Beach

All the Perth beaches are great no just to take ten and to swim but also to have parties all day or in the night. The weather it’s perfect to have parties here, maybe all day party with the bikini or In the night with a white cute dress and dance all night or around the fire with friends listening guitar sounds. One of the best of those things is Fremantle Beach. 

Burswood on Swan

Burswood by the Swan River an amazing place to have amazing moments and feelings, it has wonderful views of the river and city. We can have Weddings parties, Birthday parties, or just usually night party. It offers good food with a good staff , after the party you can walk along the venue see the stars and feel the river and maybe someone you like comes with you.