Top 5 Best Spots for Engagement Photographs in Seattle

Snappr's favorite locations for grabbing that photo that screams "He or She said yes!"

An engagement photo session should be creative and fun while capturing the essence of a couple's love story. A couple does not need to be reminded of the fifty things they still need to do for their wedding day. A couple choosing an engagement photo spot in Seattle should consider these great potential locations:

Pikes Place Market

The location in Seattle is best in capturing a city theme. It is located right in Seattle's CBD. This location is best in Seattle as there is nothing in the city that shows "Seattle" than a walk through the market. This location features a variety of unique; shops, restaurants, collectible shops. The market houses over five hundred residents in 8 buildings.

Kerry Park

This park in Seattle is a good location for a city/urban theme. Its unsurpassed view of the Central City and Elliot Bay draws camera men and women to this location. At sunset, the couple can enjoy shots as the city glows with light. Moreover, at night the location is a fantasy scene with bright ferries cruising across the water. The market burst with attractions and people. It is a good spot for drizzly days as it provides a lot of coverage options.

City of Snohomish

This location is best for a small town theme. The location gives a rustic feel to the photos. Moreover, the location also has a good view of the valley. The city is an open space offering access to local heritage, community recreation and natural resources. The city's Park & Recreation provides trails, outdoor movies and an aquatic center. The photographer can use this features to create memorable engagement shots.

Alki Beach

This location is best for a beach and sound theme. It provides a good backdrop of Seattle. The beach is so long and provides options for shots like; rocky beaches, sandy beaches, docks, and direct sunset, The couple could stroll across the street and buy an ice cone.

Seattle Arboretum

This location is best for a park theme. In springtime, the park features lots of flowering plants in distinct colors, hence making a stunning backdrop for engagement photos. The arboretum provides different features in winter, spring, summer and autumn. This provides different settings and colors for both the photographer and the couple.

An engagement photo session should reflect the couple's character, likes and dislikes. The options discussed above provide distinct features that a couple can relate to when picking their engagement shoot locations in Seattle. Moreover, the couple should also consider hair, makeup and dress code. The couple and the photographer should also meet before the engagement shoot date to discuss and finalize on the necessities required for the day. Additionally, it will give both parties a chance to know each other better.

Adam Griffith

Marketing Manager