Top 5 Spots for Engagement Photography in Los Angeles

Capture that special moment by taking your clients to one of these great locaitons for engagement photography in Los Angeles.

Carrying a camera around does not make you a photographer. Even with the best camera, you may not be able to get a compelling picture if you fail to choose a good photo site. On top of that, when it comes to engagement photography, people love unique pictures taken in a unique place in order to make that special moment memorable.

 If you are a photographer trying to think of the best place for your next big gig, in Los Angeles you can find numerous places where you will be able to take thrilling pictures. You can visit different parks or discover nature hikes, waterfalls, or even jungles. If you have a pending photo shoot and you are looking for something unique other than union stations, Walt Disney Concert Hall, or City Hall, you can discover outstanding photo sites at the following sites. Here is a list where you can have the best engagement photography in Los Angeles, California.


Barnsdall Art Park

Being home to Independent Shakespeare Company, it is the center for developing the arts every single summer. The place is ideal for engagement photography due to the many structures that are specially designed by Frank Lloyd Wright who is a renowned architect. Moreover, the park is loaded with stairs, hillside, nature, and wonderful views of LA. Imagine bringing your clients to such a place for photo shoot? They will obviously hire you over and over again.


 The Santa Monica Pier

This site is probably one of the most iconic places in LA and also a perfect place for engagement photography. What makes it the best is the view, especially if you go there on sunset and take and take advantage of the stunning light and the long shadows. Most engagement photographers love to come to this for the pictures come out so beautiful and unique. 


Los Angeles Arts District

If you want to impress your customers with the best pictures ever, this is the place to be. Here are lots of fascinating sceneries that you can take advantage of. There are vibrant walls with random wild leave growing in crannies and nooks and gritty areas that are hidden gems. If you take pictures here you will be surprised at how beautiful they will look. 


Weller Court, Little Tokyo

This shopping mall has become a favorite spot for many Instagram fans. To make your pictures look professional, I suggest you try out this place. What makes this place ideal for engagement photography is the constantly changing light stripes that create a dynamic space and flowing for photos. There is something about this tunnel that feels unique and futuristic; it makes you feel as if there is no gravity. When you are taking pictures, ask your clients to mid-jump and make them look as if they are levitating. Isn’t that cool?


Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Being the largest museum in the US, it is one of the most popular photo shoot places in LA. Made of two hundred and two restored cast iron ancient street lamps, you need to go there in the morning to get the best shot. To make your engagement photography more appealing, try catching it after a rainstorm since it adds a beautiful and reflective glow to your photography. You will also be able to capture something magical that makes your photos outstanding. 

Before you visit these photo shoot places, you need to remember to deal with any red tape in advance in order to avoid permit issues. You wouldn’t want your clients to think that you are not qualified. It is also good to visit the location in advance to able to get a mental picture on how to differentiate and compose each photo. It also builds on your confidence and you will surely meet your client’s expectations and take your hobby to greater heights.