Top 5 Spots for Engagement Photography in Perth

If you're looking for a great place to capture a romantic photo to celebrate an upcoming wedding, check out these 5 great spots in Perth!

There are many locations which have adorable views for engagement photographs in Perth .Perth is a home of many wonderful landscapes as there are beautiful hills ,wineries and beautiful buildings for engagement photography sessions .Some of the locations in Perth that are great for engagement photographs.

1 The University of Western Australia (UWA)

This university is a great location for engagement photography especially if you are looking for old buildings and emaculate grounds. There are many other beautiful spots in the campus .The campus has is known for beautiful gardens ,amazing architecture ,iconic buildings ,amazing light and many more great features.

2 Fremantle

Fremantle happens to be one of the most famous beautiful locations in Perth .Fremantle has many features, its beautiful heritage and buildings.Its known for its beautiful sunsets, beaches ,vintage buildings ,Ferris wheels ,light houses, plenty of rustic bars and food to play with in your photo .Fremantle just has it all from awesome architecture, graffiti ,war memorials ,street art and sculptures to pretty lights and colors at night.This location created an unforgettable picture for the couple and a wonderful shot for the photographer.

3 Kings park

King park is a well known engagement photography location .Its popular for its many flowers, trees and plants and its wonderful view of the beautiful city .With those very many trees in Kings park, a photographer can get creative and use the trees to create an epic golden sunlight to get magical photos. Kings Park provides different backdrops for wonderful photography .The park has really beautiful trees .Due to the elevated position of the park, one get a panoramic view of Perth hence creating a nice background for an engagement photo.

4 Araluen Botanic Park

If you love manicured gardens, Araluen botanic park is another location for engagement photography in Perth .The Araluen gardens are found in a valley in the Perth hills. Even though the park is available throughout the year, it the most beautiful during the early spring .In the early spring, the entire park is full of tulips. The botanic park has really springtime landscape beauty. Also in the hill area, there are many perfect locations for engagement photography including Raeburn Orchards (perfect for spring or autumn) and Masonmill Gardens for another perfectly manicured garden location .It is also a wonderful spot for watching the birds. There are many different species of birds living in the trees and in the park in large.

5 Hyde Park

Hyde park is well known as one of the most popular engagement photography locations .It is easily accessible to the couple because it is only a 5- minute drive from the city. Hyde park provide different backdrops for wonderful photography .The park has maple trees which have a beautiful color in the fall .It really does not matter whether you visit the park during spring ,autumn ,summer ,winter-whenever you visit the park you will still get a clean shot of the breathtaking place. It is a very beautiful place to take couples for their engagement photography session.