Top 5 Spots for Family Photography in San Diego

These are Snappr's favorite spots in San Diego to take photographs and portraits of families.

San Diego is a lovely town that has a lot of options for family photo locations. Enjoy taking landscape photos when you visit out and hang out with the family. Currently, these are some of the most well-liked sites to take photographs in San Diego.

Balboa Park

Some beautiful gardens and lawns surround Balboa Park's lawn section. The Spanish-style Alcazar garden provides a bright and colorful background with beautiful architectural structures surrounding the area. You will love the vibrant, vivid feel of Spanish Art Village. The creative possibilities at such a diverse location are endless.

Presidio Park

This location provides so much variety. Some green grassy fields, columns, and gorgeous architecture as well as a wooded hilltop overlooking the San Diego Bay from an angle to allow viewing the sun as it set. This location does require a bit more walking and the whole park is on a hill.

Proudly boasting the fact that this is one of the most extensive coastal wetlands in San Diego, you’ll find wildflowers, rare and endangered bird species, a salt marsh, running trails, and beautiful coastal sage scrub to enjoy and immerse yourself in for an afternoon. And plan for just that, a full evening, as it spans over 1000 acres.

San Diego Botanical Gardens

With thirty-seven acres to cover, which include rare bamboo groves, desert, a fruit garden, and tropical rainforest regions, and almost three-thousand varieties of subtropical, tropical and some native plants.

Self Realization and Meditation Site

The once famous home of Yoga Nanda; the Father of Yoga in the West founded this center and designed the adjacent gardens. Visitors can enjoy the cliff views, an abundance of tropical plants, koi ponds, streams and complete silence for a deep meditative experience. Capturing the moment as it calls you will happen at every turn.

Heritage Ranch

Step into the home of the community’s carefully preserved records, stories, and artifacts. Imagine old fire trucks, wildflowers, horse-drawn carriages, and a model of ancient Wild West town inclusive of a general store.


This spot is for the individuals who want that rural look to their photographs. Olivenhain Town Hall's wooden patio makes it perfect for a fantastic background. However other places are complimented by eucalyptus trees.

Pannikin Tea and Coffee

amid lifestyle photo shoots gaining recognition; Pannikin building is the original train station for Encinitas, this historic building is a tourist attraction due to its appeal, freshly baked pastries, and coffee.

Sea-port Village

This is an incredible decision right in the city center, there are usually plenty of people at this location, and the lighting is always beautiful irrespective of the sunshine. The shops are picturesque, and there are lots of different alcoves and crevices to take fantastic family photographs. Being a site on the creek, there are boats and many other incredible locations to view the water as well.

From boat-filled marinas to nature trails, San Diego offers a lot of different location choices for family photography. These are just the five most preferred places, however as your exploration keep on, you will discover other fantastic places to take family photos around San Diego, California.